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Embratel accelerates Golden Cross digitization

Embratel accelerates Golden Cross digitization

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With this partnership, Golden Cross was able to put more than 70% of the company into remote work arrangements, including the call center.

Embratel has announced a partnership with Golden Cross, one of the largest healthcare operators in Brazil, to provide security, connectivity and voice solutions.

The remote model with modern technological solutions allowed Golden Cross to keep its operation working safely and efficiently at a distance, due to the pandemic. About 70% of the company’s employees have started to work at a home office.

Gustavo Silbert, Executive Director, Embratel, said: “We are delighted to expand this long-standing partnership with Golden Cross. Embratel always seeks to provide companies with solutions that help them overcome challenges in their business. With the pandemic and the demand for taking action from any place and time, Golden Cross looked to Embratel for solutions that could safely help in this journey.

“The project enabled Golden Cross to keep its employees working remotely, preserving the health and productivity of each one, in addition to providing security for customer and company data.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concern to keep the operation active with intact data became a challenge, as access to the company’s systems and information became more decentralized. To meet this demand, Embratel, which has more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity management for large companies, provided Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) devices, which add several network security features.

The NGFW provides for the establishment of secure connections, in addition to inspecting access to the network and the Internet from company locations and the teams’ decentralized workplaces, to maintain data integrity and secure access to all available means. For this, Virtual Private Network (VPN), content filtering, threat handling and application control features are integrated into the NGFW.

Upon identifying a possible threat, Embratel’s cybersecurity team acts promptly to assess the situation and sends alerts to the client with all the information necessary to contain the incident, speeding up decision-making on the case. Embratel is responsible for managing, administering and maintaining the contracted NGFW devices.

Andrew Gomes, Infrastructure, Telecom and Information Security Manager at Golden Cross, said: “The company created Golden Cross Anywhere, which allows us to operate from anywhere, anytime. The integration of Embratel solutions in our digital environment has been very important for our operations, ensuring security and connectivity.

“The technologies are implemented in all our sectors and we already have expressive results. In terms of security, having offers available that help us maintain the reliability and integrity of our systems is essential, as we deal with sensitive information from our customers, in addition to strategic data. With Embratel, we were able to overcome this challenge.”

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