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D’Mujeres consolidates sensitive data with Schneider Electric solution

D’Mujeres consolidates sensitive data with Schneider Electric solution

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D’Mujeres, an expert in retail beauty based in Ecuador, has accelerated its Digital Transformation thanks to Schneider Electric technologies to increase efficiency and response capacity.

In Ecuador, the impact of the pandemic had a significant effect on the behavior of the economy. According to Ecuador Central Bank, 2020 GDP stood at $66,308 million, 7.8% lower than the previous year.

Some organizations were able to keep afloat, maintain positive indicators of profitability and expansion – thanks in part to implementing innovative processes and Digital Transformation.

For instance, D’Mujeres, an Ecuadorian company focused on wholesale perfumery products, cosmetics and beauty products, has achieved exponential growth in recent years.

“To consolidate that growth, the brand understood that it needed IT solutions. It decided to establish a data center with a focus on Edge technology, especially on analyzing its financial statistics. As a result of this management, it obtained a positive return on investment, thanks to the migration of information to the cloud,” said Lina Bernal, Director of Secure Power for the Andino cluster at Schneider Electric.

Likewise, to modernize other areas of the organization, the company, with the support of Schneider Electric and the channel provider Adeatel, developed a containment system to improve the cooling scheme, which was designed with APC technologies by Schneider Electric.

“This was a task where we used Netbotz systems from APC by Schneider Electric to provide efficient monitoring of all the variables,” said Mario Crespo, General Manager of Adeatel. “We also added a data center component to place in minimal space. This was a job that allowed us to adapt this system in the available space with the desired capacity.”

Today the operation and control of data in D’Mujeres work from a functional management center with three cabinets. The information concentrated in the management center flows to more than 40 branches that the brand has throughout the territory.

EcoStruxure IT, a cutting-edge business solution

Schneider Electric played a relevant role in migrating all the information from the D’Mujeres operation to the cloud. The firm developed a strategy for making it possible by connecting all areas of the organization. Today all operational areas of the organization have access to a single, centralized server.

With the installation of UPS and InRow air conditioners, it was possible to unify a front and exterior aisle containment solution. This is in addition to having monitoring systems, PDUs that can monitor, and administration and management systems for the infrastructure of both the leading site and the alternate UPSs.

“The technology of Ecostruxure solutions is present with EcoStruxure IT Expert. It consists of the basic license for the monitoring system of various management sensors. With it, organizations will understand what the added value will be in return on investment when gradually implementing them,” said Bernal.

D’Mujeres with Schneider Electric and Adeatel worked together to use the tool for designing the solution. In the consulting and development process, they were aware of the ROI of this implementation and comparison in front of the benefits generated by having their site versus an external one. The most important thing is that the organization can make its own and exclusive administration of its tools and information.

The project was implemented in eight months, achieving adaptation through Schneider Electric’s technology channels. Thanks to the Adatel channel, it was possible to install sensors inside the Netbotz 450 system room, UPS for the site and external site monitoring, establishing a site in Guayaquil and a UPS in all stores.

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