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Brazilian telecom companies unite to promote R&D in São Paulo

Brazilian telecom companies unite to promote R&D in São Paulo

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This partnership, which also includes the strategic participation of beOn Claro, provides for the creation of a development and testing environment at the São José dos Campos Technological Park to enable the offer of 5G and IoT solutions for different segments of the corporate market.

Claro, Embratel, Ericsson and the São José dos Campos Technological Park have just signed a co-operation agreement to develop, validate and test solutions involving 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT-Mobile (IoT-M) that meet the needs of the corporate market, mainly from the Industry 4.0, agribusiness, health, Smart City and education segments.

The purpose of the partnership, which also includes the strategic participation of beON Claro (Claro’s innovation hub), is to identify companies and scientific and technological institutions associated with the technological park that are interested in creating to address the real needs of their businesses and customers.

According to the companies, a test and development environment will be installed within the park. This environment will run on 3.5GHz frequency, using 5G standalone, from a scientific license granted by National Telecommunications Agency (Anate) to Claro, for experimental use.

All the 5G infrastructure that will be installed in the park will be provided by Ericsson, including mobile access equipment (RAN), such as radios, antennas and basebands for installation by Claro, in order to enable the implementation of this test and development environment with connectivity.

Ericsson will also be responsible for delivering the core 5G solution for this network and will support and test the solutions created together with the São José dos Campos Technological Park, Claro and the companies participating in the initiative.

In addition, Embratel will add all its strategic knowledge of the corporate market, a segment in which it is a leader and has operated for over 50 years. Embratel will integrate the developed technologies and offer solutions to bring digital evolution to the most diverse segments of the economy, that will have numerous benefits in their operations through innovations, based on next generation networks, such as 5G, IoT-M and NB-IoT.

Embratel will also work on evaluating and attracting, together with the technological park, new strategic partnerships with important companies and start-ups to be part of the project.

Finally, the technological park will have the role of fostering collaboration, through the involvement of consolidated companies and start-ups installed in its structure, allowing access to those who want to share information about their production processes and carry out tests or R&D projects at the test and development structure that will be set up.

It will also provide Claro, Embratel and Ericsson with access to its innovation hub, bringing closer together companies, start-ups, investors and educational and research institutions linked to acceleration and incubation programs, as well as open innovation programs and connections within the ecosystem.

According to Marcelo Nunes, General Director of the São José dos Campos Technological Park, the project meets one of the main pillars of the institution: The creation of connections between its companies and the market. The park is one of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship complexes in Brazil and has more than 300 companies and institutions of all sizes linked to programs that encourage the development of business, partnerships and opportunities.

“Having Ericsson, Claro and Embratel involved with us in the research and development of innovations related to 5G is extremely strategic and will help our associates create new solutions and products that meet their customers’ needs and address important business issues,” said Nunes.

São José dos Campos is a city that is a priority for Ericsson. The company has maintained in the city a high-tech factory, one of only four in the world and the oldest in uninterrupted operations, where solutions are produced that serve not only the Brazilian market, but also other Latin American countries. In March, the company inaugurated at this factory the first 5G manufacturing line in Latin America and in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tiago Machado, Business Vice President, Ericsson, said: “São José is a strategic region for us and we want to help it become one of the first truly 5G cities in the country. There are extremely important, solid companies that will be able to strongly benefit from this new technology. We want to lead this movement in the region.”

The technological park has the ideal environment to foster initiatives aimed at Open Innovation, one of the pillars that has guided Claro’s actions, especially in relation to 5G.

Rodrigo Duclos, Director, beOn Claro, said: “The exchange of experiences provided by Claro and Embratel’s partnership with Ericsson and the technological park will allow us to create disruptive solutions, identify new markets and foster innovation based on new networks, new sensors and Edge Computing, discovering opportunities and identifying needs we don’t yet know.

“The technological park brings together start-ups, large companies and professionals with an ambition to innovate, which makes it a hotbed of ideas and opportunities. We want to connect with these actors and generate products and services that can be developed, tested and scaled so that they have the potential to, in the future, integrate our portfolio serving our video, broadband and mobile customers, as well as the corporate market.”

According to Adriano Rosa, Executive Director at Embratel, the announced partnership results in an important space for innovation, with investments in new technologies and several opportunities to apply innovations to support the corporate market in its journey of growth in the new digital economy.

“Embratel is an integrator of digital solutions and enabler of innovations for the business and government market. We believe that 5G and IoT are fundamental to the future of business and will boost Brazil’s economy like never before. The solutions conceived at the technological park will be used in the market to take companies, governments and their operations to a new level of digitization and results.”

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