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Insurance company increases productivity and reduces costs by adopting imVision

Insurance company increases productivity and reduces costs by adopting imVision

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CommScope’s AIM solution proactively ensures data center infrastructure connectivity and security.

A major, national insurance company set as one of its main 2020 goals to improve operational capacity, while seeking to reduce the costs of maintaining its data centers.

In addition to operating in the main areas of property and personal insurance, the company offers, through the various companies that are part of the group, several products and services, such as financial solutions, security, monitoring and occupational health.

A CommScope customer for more than 10 years, the company uses SYSTIMAX structured cabling solution and imVision software in its buildings. SYSTIMAX Category 6A copper cabling OS2 singlemode and OM4 multimode ­fiber cabling are installed in three of its data centers.

To further improve the data center management, it was decided to outsource confi­guration, consulting and maintenance services to the ImVision System Manager.

The imVision system guarantees the connectivity continuity and the IT environment’s security, acting proactively and throughout the infrastructure.

Ricardo Mattiello, Strategic Account Director, CommScope, said: “Ensure access or even identify an improper access is one of the data center’s challenges. For this and other critical situations the imVision solution ­fits perfectly.”

Due to frequent data center expansions to support the growth of the insurer’s business in the country, there was a need to adopt the automated infrastructure management system, imVision, which brought several benefi­ts to the operation, including:

• Reduction of the possibility of human error

• Reliable and updated documentation

• Time reduction in the execution of service orders

• Increased reliability

The company already relies on CommScope’s cabling and software solutions, but they wanted to effectively obtain all the benefi­ts the imVision System Manager tool can bring.

Therefore, they decided to include contract confi­guration, consulting and maintenance services, covering the infrastructure management of the three data center units owned by the corporation.

The benefits brought by imVision

The deployment involved several challenges, such as changing the internal culture to agree on how the cabling system should operate, in addition to developing and optimizing of internal processes.

“During the deployment period, it was already possible to observe the benefits provided, such as savings in services and time reduction. Due to these benefits alone, in less than a year, the client achieved the financial payback of the amount invested in the solution,” said Mattielllo.

It is worth mentioning, in addition to the quality, flexibility and reliability of CommScope solutions, a large part of the success in the solution implementation is due to the customer’s commitment and understanding that it could add valuable information and processes for the data center’s operation.

The client was aware that the tool implementation should be accompanied by a change in the operating team culture, which had previously been focused on manual, time-consuming and bureaucratic processes.

This situation has changed and the operation of the insurance company’s data centers has become less susceptible to failures and controlled and managed in real-time.

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