Get to know: Ana María Aristizabal, Vice President of Technology, Colmena Seguros - Intelligent CIO LATAM
Get to know: Ana María Aristizabal, Vice President of Technology, Colmena Seguros

Get to know: Ana María Aristizabal, Vice President of Technology, Colmena Seguros

On the lighter side of things, we ask Ana María Aristizabal, Vice President of Technology, Colmena Seguros, what makes her tick.

Ana María Aristizabal, Vice President of Technology, Colmena Seguros

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement?

I could not speak of a single achievement. Instead, it has been the construction of a professional life where I have applied technology to many business strategies and, in parallel, through this trajectory, allowed young talent to develop their experience contributing to companies and their families.

What first made you think of a career in technology?

It meant a door to the future. It still is. The technology career implies constant learning and development of projects and experiences. We build dreams, innovating through methodologies and tools that are constantly evolving.

What style of management philosophy do you employ in your current position?

My leadership style is one of influence – by motivating our teams to challenge each other and build a dream that connects us with our mission and desire to serve others and the country. Empowering people allows creativity and commitment to flow, achieving the best results.

What do you think is the current hot technology conversation topic?

Digital Transformation without losing the human sense. Technology cannot be an end in itself. It must be at the service of the human being and society. With the help of technology, we will develop a better and fairer world. Technology must allow people to evolve and use their analytical capabilities; Leaving repetitive work to machines.

How do you deal with stress and relax outside of the office?

I try to find a balance through reading, enjoying movies and relaxation techniques. Traveling in the company of my family allows for the best recreational time.

If you could go back and change one career decision, what would it be?

With recent experiences, I would change many things; I think we achieve the most valuable learning through our mistakes. All the acquired knowledge and experiences are part of the journey.

What do you currently identify as the top investment areas in your industry?

Digital Transformation and development of new business models. Modernization of technological platforms.

What are the specific challenges of the region when implementing new technologies in Latin America?

Developing new digital business models requires innovative cultures. It is necessary to reinvent ourselves and put aside practices and strategies to succeed. Developing, capturing and retaining the best human talent is becoming a fundamental challenge in the face of a shortage of personnel in technology.

What changes have you seen in your job role in the last year, and how do you think they will develop in the next 12 months?

The speed at which we must transform through technology and the sheer speed at which new technologies and disruptive business models appear makes our daily work more complex. That is why we are using more agile methodologies and practices to achieve it.

What advice would you give someone aspiring to a C-level position in your industry?

Constantly study and research business trends, technologies and methodologies that allow innovation. Develop as a manager and understand the business strategy to offer companies the right solutions to achieve them.

About Ana María Aristizabal

Ana María Aristizabal guides companies through their Digital Transformation, by integrating technologies throughout all areas of the organization, changing the way they operate and providing value to their clients. She also supports the cultural change required for organizations to challenge their status quo, preparing them to face the changing business environment. She actively participates in the management team during the creation of new digital business models and is skilled in IT strategy and operations management.

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