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Telefónica supports BBVA throughout Ibero-America to improve its communications

Telefónica supports BBVA throughout Ibero-America to improve its communications

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Improving communication services in a region as large as Latin America enables BBVA employees to reduce their costs.

The partnership between BBVA and Telefónica has been going on for decades, developing joint projects that range from connectivity support for their employees to ambitious financing and credit plans for users of communication network services.

Now, a set of solutions provided by Telefónica helps BBVA improve employee collaboration at 20 connected offices in seven countries in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

The challenge

In many cases, mobility is an issue when moving across intercontinental geography. In this case, BBVA needed to improve communications between its employees in Spain and America, which required a strategic communications network in a wide geographical area. The company also sought to control or reduce costs and travel expenses.

For this, they focused on a traditional ally such as Telefónica, given its experience in providing integrated communication solutions to global companies such as those that BBVA needed, besides having a partner that can understand their needs and offer the appropriate technology to connect to its employees.

Solution: Connectivity to increase interaction with employees

In collaboration with BBVA, Telefónica implemented global MPLS solutions to simplify its banking processes in 20 metropolitan centers in Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

Furthermore, nine telepresence rooms were set up to facilitate collaboration, as personalized management centers for Spain and Mexico.

Likewise, Telefónica delivered an IP Telephony system managed in Peru and new voice recognition services for the entire BBVA Telebanking service in Spain.

Finally, the headquarters in Spain received an integrated system of fixed and mobile communications with WAN networks in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Puerto Rico, in addition to a mobile network in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

In short, firstly, it is essential to consider the importance of a set of tools for unified communication, to improve productivity, peer interaction and cost reduction. Secondly, the encouragement of using virtual meetings based on conference and telepresence solutions.

Thirdly, an SD-WAN network that is easy to understand and implement will adjust to the needs of each space and employee.

Also, as a fourth issue, a multi-cloud environment will deploy the infrastructure, platform and software in the cloud with more security and availability to everyone in the same way.

Finally, a vital element is attention to users and the IT area. From the cloud – hosted or as a service – contact center solutions were deployed to provide high levels of flexibility and scalability while facilitating remote access for IT agents.

The result: Increased productivity, better use of resources and time and increased peer-to-peer communication.

Telefónica’s solutions have enabled BBVA employees worldwide to communicate effectively and have face-to-face meetings without the cost and time of travel and have achieved considerable savings that have improved their results.

BBVA has continued to contract new products and services with Telefónica, among these are:

  • MPLS solutions for 20 websites in Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina
  • WAN networks in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Puerto Rico
  • A mobile network in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico
  • A fully managed IP telephony system for the BBVA offices in Peru
  • Personalized Management Centers for Spain and Mexico
  • An integrated fixed voice and mobile communication system at the main offices of the banking group throughout Spain
  • New voice recognition services for the entire BBVA Spanish telebanking service
  • Nine telepresence rooms in Europe and the Americas

The bank also has achieved a reduction of around €6,000 in travel, transportation and accommodation expenses for an average trip of five days to a destination within Latin America.

Telepresence reduced the need for these trips and set employees free from the time required for them, thus optimizing their schedules. These savings can be diverted to other activities within the company.

Thanks to the ease and comfort of organizing solutions with the telepresence solutions that BBVA contracted with Telefónica, its use increased and allowed peers at the bank to improve their daily activities regardless of the distances.

BBVA also guarantees service levels that were not available in a dispersed and disconnected environment. Telefónica is concerned that users within the organization take advantage of this resource.

At each stage of the development and implementation process, Telefónica works closely with the BBVA teams to ensure that all complexities are reduced. For example, Telefónica organizes regular mobility workshops and annual account planning committees to ensure that BBVA’s IT managers and mobility agents are constantly informed.

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