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Citrix survey reveals major divide on return to office

Citrix survey reveals major divide on return to office

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Offices around the world continue to open for business, and while many companies expect employees will eventually return full time, new research suggests this isn’t likely to happen.

According to a global survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Citrix Systems, employees are divided on how they want to work going forward. But one thing is clear: the majority enjoy the flexibility they’ve been given to work from anywhere and are willing to leave jobs to maintain it.

Of 6,500 workers polled in 10 countries, 57% prefer hybrid work, and 69% will ditch their current positions if it isn’t an option.

“Employees have seen the positive impact flexible work can have on everything from engagement and productivity to work-life balance, mental health and the environment,” said Traci Palmer, Vice President of People and Organization Capability, Citrix. “And they are looking to employers to embrace it and invest in tools and processes that empower them to work when, where and how they work best.”

The flexible work model is in full effect. Of those employees surveyed in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Japan, 71% work or plan to work in the office between one and four days per week.

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