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BairesDev launches hiring strategy in Latin America

BairesDev launches hiring strategy in Latin America

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BairesDev has launched its Fast Track Hiring Program to boost its hiring process and speed up the interview stage by up to 70%.

Ezequiel Ruiz, VP of Talent Acquisition, BairesDev, said: “BairesDev is creating 1,000 job opportunities in the technology industry with the launch of this pilot. We are aware of the enormous potential of talent in Brazil to continue strengthening our team, and it is also a way to address the massive layoffs in the region.”

According to a study by Statista, more than 1,400 technology employees have been laid off in Latin America since April 2022, mainly in Brazil.

“At this early stage, the program is aimed at software engineers with advanced levels of English. We are looking for people specialized in front-end and back-end development, DevOps, quality control, testing, data science and engineering,” said Ruiz.

The program is the first step in the recruitment process, complemented by additional online tests and interviews to assess the technical and social skills of the candidates.

The process is based on Staffing Hero, a talent selection platform owned by BairesDev that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the best talent in technology and with which the company hires more than 200 qualified developers per month.

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