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Colombian software solutions lead Latin American healthcare innovation

Colombian software solutions lead Latin American healthcare innovation

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Gustavo Torres, Director of Healthcare at HIS Digital Ware, explains why Colombian software solutions are expanding to countries in the region.

In the last decade, Colombia has made great strides in creating and implementing software solutions focused on healthcare. Although developing specialized software for healthcare institutions is no easy task, the efforts of technology companies such as Digital Ware have resulted in a model of constant innovation that ensures patient safety and also the automation of hospital processes.

Thus, technological solutions like HosVital-HIS, a Digital Ware product, have crossed borders to consolidate this market in countries like Ecuador and Chile.

According to the latest report published by the World Bank in 2021, Colombia has been the country, in the region, with the highest level of health spending, with an investment of 4.9% of the total budget, while the average expenses in Latin American and Caribbean countries are 3.8%.

These figures are congruent with the technological advances that Colombia has shown annually. As a result, the country is currently considered an innovator in terms of technological evolution in healthcare in Latin America. 

For Digital Ware, the main technological contributions coming from Colombia in the health sector are:

  • The development of technology focused on the automation of healthcare processes. It has allowed different institutions in the country to improve their intra-hospital processes, such as medication control, ICU bed management, allocation of therapies and chronic patient management. This automation has brought improvements in hospital services and patient satisfaction.
  • The interoperable clinical history. This tool has enabled health entities to monitor pathologies from any location in the country. Thus, detecting new diseases and assigning treatments or medicinal therapies can be done safely and with a low margin of error.
  • Finally, the technology has boosted the healthcare model of the country through interoperability with Radiology Information System (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Laboratory Information System (LIS), external pharmacies, biomedical equipment, insurance companies and other healthcare providers. Ultimately, technology in Colombia has made it possible to increase the quality of service in healthcare institutions and to improve the perception of clinics and hospitals throughout the country.

As for the contribution of Colombian software developer Digital Ware, the company developed HosVital-HIS, a technological tool focused on electronic records based on patient safety as the cornerstone of healthcare. This software enabled health entities to interoperate anywhere in the country, improving diagnosis and disease monitoring.

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