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Banco Mercantil maximizes its digital experience with automatic observability from Dynatrace

Banco Mercantil maximizes its digital experience with automatic observability from Dynatrace

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Accurate responses and real-time visibility into the user experience help the bank accelerate and optimize application performance and availability.

Banco Mercantil do Brasil started using the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform solution to maximize user experience and performance in its digital services. The automatic and intelligent observability resources of the Dynatrace platform provide Banco Mercantil do Brasil with precise information on how to optimize the performance management of applications and drive innovation processes.

Ramon Oliveira, Processing and Monitoring Manager, Banco Mercantil do Brasil, said: “We are in a significant process of expanding and digitizing our services, which has led to an increase in the complexity of managing all applications and infrastructure due to interconnectivity.

“To improve our digital services and accelerate innovation, we understood that it was time to understand better our environment to manage and respond to the issues that impact our users.

“This is where Dynatrace helped us. Compared to the solution we used before and others we analyzed, the automatic and intelligent observability of the Dynatrace platform was the best option.

“With Dynatrace, we have a much more agile and accurate method to identify where and how to optimize application performance. As a result, we are raising the standard and the quality of the experience we offer to our employees and customers.”

According to Oliveira, the rapid digitalization of the banking sector has meant that IT teams are increasingly managing complex and dynamic digital environments, such as multicloud infrastructures.

“We are a bank where the physical experience and digital are equally important,” said Oliveira. “We have many customers who mostly use ATMs and human service at our units, which means that every minute of downtime can impact our relationship with these customers. Likewise, we have hundreds of APIs that enable digital services in the online world. We have a complex IT context that demands maximum availability.”

To ensure seamless experiences for its customers, the bank implemented the Dynatrace platform to enable the analysis and automatic discovery of critical processes, services and events distributed throughout the bank.

Fernando Mellone, Sales Director, Dynatrace Brazil, said: “Digital Transformation is at the top of the banking strategies, as customers always want a practical, effective and seamless experience. However, the more we invest in technology to simplify lives, the more complex it becomes to manage all these resources. It is this dilemma that Dynatrace helps to solve.”

Through its Artificial Intelligence-enhanced dependency map continuously updated, Dynatrace enables real-time, end-to-end monitoring of all applications used by the bank. It provides precise insights into environmental performance and its impacts on customer experience and business.

The ability to track the real-time performance of modern cloud-native applications and resources provides organizations with the opportunity to shift to a proactive management model.

“Without a doubt, the Dynatrace platform has allowed us to have a much more proactive and predictive view of what happens with applications, even before an event occurs,” said Oliveira.

“We can monitor whether a given process does not confirm to the required standard and how we can act to improve it.

“In this sense, having a reliable and intelligent source to manage thousands of applications certainly helps the IT department to cooperate more towards business objectives, understanding how and where we can help improve customer delivery, for example.”

Mellone concluded: “For Dynatrace, observability is much more than simply monitoring metrics, logs and traces. It enables us to automatically extract the insights to understand click-by-click and second-by-second what impacts business results and goals, customer service and more. We are sure that, in a highly connected and user-centric world, offering simpler, more practical and faster answers is an advantage that companies cannot give up if they want to be ready for the future.”

About Banco Mercantil do Brasil

Banco Mercantil has undergone a substantial transformation in recent years based on investment in innovation, data, technology and people. With more than five million active customers, 75% of which are individuals aged 50 or over, the bank created in Minas Gerais carries in its DNA the purpose of offering its customers a unique experience.

In 2021, it was elected Company of the Year in the Prêmio Consumidor Moderno de Excelência em Serviços ao Cliente (Modern Consumer of Excellence in Customer Services Award). The bank also reached the level of excellence in the NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, which provides information on customer loyalty and their level of satisfaction with products and services measured on an ongoing basis. Sustained by its talents, the growth in numbers has also resulted in significant positions in the rankings of the best companies to work for in Minas Gerais and Brazil in the last eight years.

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