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Telcomanager invests in technologies for the visibility of corporate networks

Telcomanager invests in technologies for the visibility of corporate networks

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Telcomanager, a provider of monitoring, control and configuration solutions for network infrastructure, IT assets and enterprise applications, is enhancing its portfolio of technologies designed to help CIOs and IT managers.

The purpose is to help these professionals to increase their ability to monitor the application consumption and behavior of enterprise networks across all business units, departments and cost centers.

The company wants to increase the necessary knowledge for IT managers to ensure the quality of services for users; increase the reliability, stability and security of the technological environment; strengthen the decision-making capacity for the real needs of each business operation; and facilitate the definition of investments in the area.

The Telcomanager product line intends to solve the main challenges of multi-vendor IT management: Global network and infrastructure analysis, control and identification of application usage, failures, performance planning and quality of service to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The solutions allow IT teams to quickly receive essential information to react to unexpected changes in the behavior of application activities or possible connectivity failures.

Telcomanager’s solutions facilitate the work of IT managers of small, medium and large companies in any business segment that uses an IP network.

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