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Embratel launches a solution for security against digital fraud

Embratel launches a solution for security against digital fraud

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Claro Mobile Identity double-checks users during purchases, financial transactions and access to sites and applications via cell phone, improving the digital journey

Embratel has announced the launch of Claro Mobile Identity, a specific solution to allow the second factor of authentication, increasing digital security and reducing eventual electronic fraud in financial transactions, as well as in the access to sites and applications through cell phones.

The new tool, aimed at companies in all sectors, including financial, retail and e-commerce, validates the customers’ digital identity without the need to change the interface or insert authentication codes sent by e-mail or SMS, for example.

With the new solution, verification of logins is much more secure and performed automatically, securely and transparently to the user, reducing processing time from about one minute to only five seconds.

Paulo Venancio, Director of Solutions and Pre-Sales of IT Services, Embratel, said: “Claro Mobile Identity is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to reduce fraud while improving the customer experience with silent, easy authentication, keeping sites, applications and customers secure and speeding up the finalization of access, orders and payments.

“With Claro Mobile Identity, Embratel enables a protection ecosystem, offering faster and safer navigation with a complete performance integrating different validations. The new solution reinforces Embratel’s commitment to providing complete protection solutions for all market segments,” said Venancio.

The demand for digital protection solutions for corporations and their customers continues to grow. That is because the increase in digitalization and greater access to technology also increases fraud attempts and cybercrime committed by hackers. For this reason, Claro Mobile Identity unites important authentication features that can be together or separately contracted.

Using Application Program Interfaces (APIs), companies perform different automatic queries to support identity proofing. With the SIM SWAP Alert, the company receives an immediate warning about the user’s last chip change event, with date and time, as soon as he enters his cell phone number in the APP interface or site.

This way, an eventual chip change can be tracked, as well as eventual purchase attempts or financial transactions, for example, to ensure the identity of the person trying to access the application.

From there, the company can request more information for verification or block the activity even before accessing systems, sites, applications, and e-commerce environments.

Silent Mobile Verification (SMV) crosses the cell phone number entered in the site or APP and the client’s public IP with the IP registered in the telephone operator. Thus, it is possible to analyze whether the connection is from the same person, and the company can decide whether the transaction, purchase or login can be authorized.

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