WDC brings FiberHome AN6000 OLT to Brazil to create neutral networks

WDC brings FiberHome AN6000 OLT to Brazil to create neutral networks

With an eye on the growing trend of network separation, WDC is betting on the new Fiberhome AN6000 OLT family, which innovates with network virtualization features, allowing ISPs to create a virtualized network ideal for use in neutral networks.

WDC Networks, a technology company that operates in the telecommunications and solar energy sectors, and FiberHome, a manufacturer, have announced the new features of the AN6000 series Optical Line Terminal (OLT) family.

Among the novelties of the AN6000 OLT family is the sharing feature, which enables the creation of virtualized networks ideal for neutral network infrastructure projects.

Another highlight of this new line of OLTs is interoperability with Optical Network Units (ONUs) from any manufacturer, being compatible with EPON, GPON and XGS-PON on the same network.

Vanderlei Rigatieri, CEO, WDC Networks, said: “The AN6000 OLTs allow Internet service providers and telecom integrators to access new technologies and open up a range of opportunities to serve various markets, including dedicated links, 5G and other connectivity technologies.

“The upgrade is available for customers who already have the previous version of the AN6000. Another new feature is that this OLT is already prepared to work with technologies such as XGS-PON, 25GPON and TWDM-PON, thus protecting the long-term investments.

“With the new AN6000 OLT family of FiberHome, Internet service providers can partner to use the same Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network, significantly reducing the initial investment value of implementation.”

Rigatieri added that the new products are already available for immediate delivery at WDC Networks and can be distributed in the Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) model of monthly subscriptions.

Optimistic about the potential of FiberHome for growing in the ISP market with the new solutions, Wilson Barbosa, National ISP Accounts Manager at FiberHome, said that the new AN6000 OLT equipment implements L3 protocols, meeting MPLS connection demands between different locations.

Barbosa explained: “They are presented in three versions, according to the service capacity: AN6000-2 (up to 4,096 subscribers), AN6000-7 (up to 7,168 subscribers) and AN6000-15 (up to 15,360 subscribers).”

About WDC Networks

WDC Networks is a technology company that operates in the telecommunications, photovoltaic solar energy, professional audio and video, cybersecurity, electronic security, automation and IT sectors.

Since 2021, it is part of B3, in the highest segment of corporate governance. Founded in 2003, with 100% national capital, the company has become a leader in its sector in offering the Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) business model with hardware and Software-as-a-Service.

The company manufactures more than 50% of the items it sells in Brazil, has strategic partnerships with international and national suppliers, most leaders in their segments and is present throughout Brazil. It has a broad portfolio with more than 50 brands.

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