Artificial Intelligence enters the sales sector to boost productivity

Artificial Intelligence enters the sales sector to boost productivity

The launch of Predi, a new platform designed to help entrepreneurs and executives achieve better performance in their commercial activities, has been announced to solve the problems faced by the sales areas of Brazilian companies.

By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), the platform achieves an average accuracy of 95% in confirming opportunities under negotiation that can lead to actual sales.

The Predi solution was developed by Neoxs, the company responsible for the first subscription-based training platform for sales teams – it is a pioneer in Brazil. The business model addresses the management gap and planning errors that seriously affect companies since preparation is necessary to allocate employees and purchase materials and raw materials without waste.

Maurício Vergani, Partner, Neoxs, said: “The new platform, using Artificial Intelligence, is like a crystal ball for the sales department because it helps companies gain a real-time view of their future sales performance, enabling them to identify issues and make corrections in time to secure deal closures.”

With this tool, the company aims to assist managers in making data-driven decisions and avoid decisions based solely on intuition and without any methodology – which currently leaves them starting the month without advance knowledge as to what could happen.

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