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How an organization should face its greatest cybersecurity issues

Andrés Velásquez is the founder of MaTTica, a pioneer in the deployment of digital research laboratories in Latin America and his vision of security ranges from experience to awareness. The biggest risk in terms of cybersecurity is that senior management does not know how to understand the risks of a organization. As we increasingly depend […]

Focusing on three key areas with an effective Zero Trust access strategy

Modern organizations are embracing ‘digital’ and while there are countless benefits to this, it does create challenges when it comes to security as the traditional network perimeter is disappearing. Peter Newton, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Fortinet, tells us how a Zero Trust access approach is helping IT leaders gain insight into who and what […]

Making printing part of Digital Transformation

Germán Daza, Marketing Product Manager for Latin America Solutions and Software at Lexmark, discusses the future of printing operations in business environments.  It’s not a surprise to anyone that, in the last year, the adoption of new technologies evolved so rapidly that advances were made that were only expected to happen in the next five […]

The journey from tech side project to Return on Investment

With so many technology solutions on the market today, business leaders must decide where to invest their budgets to ensure they achieve Return on Investment. Dave Russell, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam, talks us through some of the key aspects to consider when looking to establish more advanced business operations and ensure a […]

Building a human firewall to address insider threats

Creating a strong cybersecurity culture is paramount to the smooth running of a company’s operations, particularly as attacks become more advanced. Renee Tarun, Deputy CISO/Vice President Information Security, Fortinet, discusses the steps for how IT leaders can establish a baseline for good cyberhygiene and ensure their employees take cybersecurity seriously. During the first half of […]

How does Digital Transformation relate to the concept of ESG?

Fernando Brolo, Sales Partner at Logithink, a Brazilian technology company specialized in innovation, says that the topic of Digital Transformation has gained relevance as a result of changes in the public profile, which demands more attention from companies on environmental, social and governance issues. Over the years, Digital Transformation has become a basic need for […]

The role of servant leadership in Digital Transformation

Joris van Oers, Managing Director, International Markets, BT, highlights common issues faced by organisations and best practices to avoid them. He asks why an effective leadership strategy is central to a successful Digital Transformation and looks at how to ensure seamless collaboration at all levels. It’s clear that organizational culture needs to keep up with the accelerating […]

IoT can be an ally in the energy crisis

Thiago Guimarães, Senior Risk and Performance Manager at ICTS Protiviti, explains that using IoT, it is possible to install sensors that collect equipment data, such as temperature and port opening and transmit this information via Bluetooth to the network, without the need to run any wiring. Brazilian companies, which are still recovering from the impacts […]

Overcoming common email security misconceptions

As workforces adapt to the new work from home model, it has never been more important for organisations to invest in their email security. Brian Pinnock, Cybersecurity Expert, Mimecast, discusses the stark findings behind the company’s research that reveal just how important it is to ensure email security is up to scratch. The past 18 […]

Technological megatrends: How do they impact our society?

Maryury Romero, General Manager for Colombia and Ecuador at Dell Technologies, tells us how technology will drive the future of work and human progress. The megatrends are visions that we are building on from what is happening today and that will allow us to know and visualize what is coming for the next few decades. […]

Embracing distributed Edge Computing to adapt to a new era of technology

Edge Computing is a way of storing data closer to the source and is ultimately creating efficiencies for business leaders by improving response times and saving bandwidth. James Petter, International VP, Pure Storage, discusses the importance of Edge Computing and the positive impact its having on technology development. Edge Computing has been around for a […]

Technology can be the critical differentiator for the environment

Mario Belesi, Director of Solidworks for Latin America at Dassault Systèmes, tells us how technological innovations, such as 3D and Virtual Twins, will be necessary to achieve the objectives and goals of protecting the planet. With the level of environmental degradation caused by current production models and with consumption reaching a point of no return, […]

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