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Red Hat expands OpenShift Marketplace

Red Hat expands OpenShift Marketplace

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Red Hat, a global provider of open source solutions, today announced the expansion of OpenShift Marketplace, its one-stop shop that enables customers of all sizes to find and try solutions for their cloud applications. With today’s announcement, Red Hat has simplified the purchasing experience for OpenShift Marketplace, introducing integrated billing that enables customers to buy complementary solutions with ease, fulfilling its vision for OpenShift Marketplace as a one-stop shop. Additionally, Red Hat has expanded OpenShift Marketplace to include add-on offerings from several new OpenShift ecosystem partners, bringing even more choice to OpenShift developers.

Red Hat launched OpenShift Marketplace in April 2014, bringing the power of Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) partner ecosystem directly to OpenShift Online customers, and enabling them to experience the benefits of enterprise PaaS with tightly integrated, complementary solutions developed for the public cloud – all without losing time on technology integration. With OpenShift Marketplace, customers are able to easily and securely discover, procure, and manage leading OpenShift application technologies from a single location including database, email delivery services, messaging queues, application performance monitoring and more, all managed from a central location.

As the number of OpenShift Online applications grows, recently passing two million applications on the platform, the expansion of OpenShift Marketplace is designed to offer both partners and customers a more streamlined experience. Users can sign in to the OpenShift Marketplace once using their Red Hat login, efficiently search a variety of add-on services, and purchase these services through their Red Hat account.

The OpenShift Marketplace provides an ideal platform for Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) ISVs to reach customers and developers in one easy, interactive location, and to showcase their solutions, giving customers access to a variety of offerings from cloud industry leaders. With today’s announcement, customers and partners can now self-service their own profile management, list multiple editions of their offerings, and bind their services to OpenShift applications using capabilities from the newest OpenShift Marketplace members, including:

  • BlazeMeter, providing performance and load testing as a self-service platform for mobile, web and API’s;

  • ClearDB, providing database-as-a-service capabilities for MySQL powered applications;

  • Collabnet, specializing in cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to increase enterprise agility and governance;

  • DreamFactory, allowing developers to choose their favorite environment to write modern applications for phone, tablet or desktop;

  • LoadImpact, providing DevOps testing for automated, on-demand application performance;

  • New Relic, a software analytics company providing SaaS-based solutions to interface between web and native mobile applications; and

  • PubNub, enabling real-time applications to grow and scale globally with cloud infrastructure.

Supporting Quotes

Julio Tapia, director, OpenShift ecosystem, Red Hat

“Expanded billing options in the OpenShift Marketplace will give our customers and partners even more ways to enhance their OpenShift Online experience. We are pleased to welcome even more partners as we continue to build the marketplace and plan to offer even more capabilities for partners and customers to access industry-leading cloud applications.”

Daniel Saks, co-CEO, AppDirect

“We’re providing OpenShift developers the advantages of a streamlined experience with one-click access for signing in, buying add-on services and binding apps. This eliminates the need to use separate tools and services, and ultimately provides new opportunities for engagement, integration and distribution on the OpenShift platform. Working with Red Hat has enabled our combined teams to enhance the OpenShift user experience and continue to add new value for the developer ecosystem.”

Alon Girmonsky, CEO, BlazeMeter

“We are excited to be part of the OpenShift Marketplace enabling Red Hat customers using the OpenShift platform to provision and run performance and load tests against their OpenShift cloud assets using BlazeMeter. With BlazeMeter now part of the OpenShift ecosystem, Red Hat customers can make sure their applications are continuously tested.”

Michael Russo, vice president, Sales and Marketing, ClearDB

“We are excited by the opportunity to offer ClearDB’s powerful MySQL database-as-a-service plans through the OpenShift Marketplace. Thanks to our recently-released ClearDB Iron™ technology, Red Hat users who choose ClearDB will see a performance boost of up to 30x over standard MySQL. The ClearDB architecture is highly redundant and geo-distributed, providing Red Hat customers with a simple and reliable solution for highly available MySQL on the OpenShift platform.”

Chad Arimura, CEO,

“Red Hat has always focused on to staying on the cutting edge of cloud technologies that also satisfy the needs of the Enterprise. is pleased to be a partner within the OpenShift Marketplace, providing developers the additional services needed to build highly scalable, reliable, and durable enterprise applications.”

Bill Lapcevic, vice president, Business Development, New Relic

“We are pleased to partner with Red Hat and offer our SaaS software analytics capabilities through the OpenShift Marketplace. Pairing our enterprise-ready solutions with the stability of the OpenShift Online platform will enable users to quickly access New Relic solutions and deploy them in their own datacenters with confidence.”

Ofer Bengal, CEO and co-founder, Redis Labs

“The OpenShift Marketplace is an ideal solution for developers to host their application on high performance cloud resources while automating day to day infrastructure operations. The combination of Red Hat’s enterprise PaaS with Redis Labs’ Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud add-ons, enables developers to build highly scalable, top performing, and high availability apps at a click of button.”

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