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Whirlpool Corporation launches IoT functionality for home devices

Whirlpool Corporation launches IoT functionality for home devices

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Consumers in the Middle East will soon be able to communicate with their home appliances through their Apple Watch.

Whirlpool Corporation, which operates in the Middle East, is connecting its appliances to allow consumers to remotely communicate with ovens, washers and dryers via Apple Watch.

The collaboration marks the first time an appliance maker has connected its products with Apple Watch and its capabilities.

“Bringing intuitive technology and functionality to the appliance category that helps take the friction out of household chores is chief among our goals as we innovate for the smart home,” said Brett Dibkey, Whirlpool Corporation vice president for brand and strategy.

“Our consumers are sophisticated and expect their appliances to work smarter, not harder. Through the new collaboration with Apple, we’re increasing a consumer’s capability to interact with their appliances in new and more convenient ways.”

Compatibility with Apple Watch will begin with a roll out to more than 20 Whirlpool brand connected appliances in 2018.

Consumers will be able to remotely communicate with their appliances through the Whirlpool app on Apple Watch in a variety of ways:

  • Oven: Consumers will be able to see the current oven status and control commands during an active cycle.
  • Washer: Alongside status updates, users can control the wash options of an active cycle. Whether it be a normal wash, delicates or brights, consumers can adjust an active cycle on the fly via their Apple Watch.
  • Dryer: Consumers can control and detect if a cycle has started and discover how much time remains before the cycle is complete.

This collaboration with Apple Watch is another demonstration of Whirlpool Corporation’s commitment to innovation that serves a purpose. By expanding remote connectivity to home appliances, consumers can continue to personalise their appliance interactions and care for their families in smarter, faster and better ways.

Whirlpool smart appliances also support the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing families to control their appliances from anywhere in the house with simple voice commands. So whether users are in the other room helping with homework or cooking dinner with messy hands, families can care for their loved ones better, faster and smarter.

“We believe a smart home should learn, adapt and grow with how families care for each other,” said Jennifer Tayebi, communications brand manager, Whirlpool. “By teaming up with Google and Amazon we’re providing families with a unique way to interact with their appliances to get chores done their way and on their time.”

Benefits of the Google and Amazon collaborations include:

  • Hands-free help from the Google Assistant: With voice command capabilities throughout the kitchen, families can ask how much time is left on the microwave, set and adjust the cooking mode, set temperature and time on the range, start a cycle on the dishwasher or set temperatures in the refrigerator.
  • Voice-control appliances with Amazon Alexa: In addition to capabilities in the kitchen, simple voice commands in the laundry allow families to start, stop and pause the washer or ask how much time is left on the dryer. Whirlpool is also making it easier than ever to use voice control through Alexa-enabled devices. Now families can simply say: “Alexa, defrost five pounds of chicken.” or “microwave for two minutes on high.”

“With more connected home devices introduced each year, it can be a challenge to make sure they all remain interconnected,” said Ryan Craig, senior manager, internet of things global strategy and partnerships. “By introducing the collaboration with the Google Assistant on Google Home in addition to our previous collaboration with Amazon, we’re hoping to offer a more connected smart home ecosystem for families.”

In addition to voice-controlled capabilities with Amazon Alexa, Whirlpool brand is also introducing Amazon Virtual Dash Buttons to its refrigerators that have touchscreens. With Virtual Dash Buttons, Prime customers can order their favourite everyday products like beverages, snacks or paper towels straight from their LCD screen on their appliances. If a consumer is running low on sparkling water they can press their Dash Button and it will arrive with fast and free Prime shipping.

In Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Whirlpool has approximately 24,000 employees with a sales presence in more than 30 countries and manufacturing sites in eight countries.

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