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Mediclinic Middle East selects Zebra Technologies for hospital digitisation

Mediclinic Middle East selects Zebra Technologies for hospital digitisation

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Zebra’s healthcare solutions help clinicians enhance patient safety and care at Parkview Hospital.

Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator at the edge of the enterprise with solutions and partners that enable businesses to gain a performance edge, has announced that Mediclinic Middle East, the UAE’s largest private healthcare group, has selected Zebra to provide a full range of healthcare solutions for its new Parkview Hospital in Dubai.

Zebra solutions are used for patient identification, increased visibility of medication administration and clinical mobility with mobile access to medical data, allowing clinicians to spend their time where it matters most: with patients.

The Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, the group’s seventh general hospital in the UAE, opened in September 2018 and will potentially expand to employ more than 800 staff with an initial capacity of 150 plus beds and six operating theatres.

Zebra’s solution was selected after rigorous assessment by the hospital’s information and communication technologies (ICT), clinical and executive leadership teams. The hospital benefits from Zebra’s healthcare and enterprise-grade printers, barcode scanners, wristbands and tablets which are integrated with the group’s new health information system to help transform the hospital into a showcase for digitisation across its entire Mediclinic organisation.

“Digital Transformation of the healthcare sector is a reality in the Middle East. Mediclinic aims to be at the leading edge of this process across our hospitals and clinics in the region,” said Donna Lunn, Chief Information Officer, Mediclinic Middle East.

“Mediclinic Parkview Hospital provides a greenfield opportunity to create a ‘digital hospital’ model. With Zebra’s support in the key areas of patient identification and clinical mobility and integration of these digital solutions with our new information system, patients will benefit from enhanced safety and improved quality of care.”

Zebra’s healthcare solutions identify and track patients from admission to the bedside, medical laboratory and pharmacy, ensuring visibility of key data at the point of care, to help enhance the quality of patient care and safety and overall hospital efficiency.

Zebra’s mobility solutions support clinicians across the hospital including doctors on their daily rounds to assess patients with access to medical records (patient medical history, treatment and test results) through the hospital’s new health information system.

“We closely collaborated with all of Parkview’s key stakeholders to align Zebra’s solutions and their new health information system to help drive the group’s vision of digitally enhancing clinical mobility and intelligence across its network of hospitals and clinics,” said Thamer Nouri, Business Development Manager Middle East, Zebra Technologies.Our solution is bringing them a performance edge to deliver enhanced care to the patient’s bedside and help set the standard for healthcare Digital Transformation in the Middle East.”

Key takeaways

  • Mediclinic International, is one of the 10 largest listed private healthcare groups with 75 hospitals and 28 clinics globally, including seven hospitals and more than 20 clinics in the UAE
  • Zebra’s healthcare technology is helping drive Parkview Hospital’s performance edge by enabling it to become a role model for Mediclinic Middle East’s Digital Transformation project
  • Zebra’s patient identification and clinical mobility solutions help improve the standard of patient care and safety, ultimately allowing clinicians to spend more time with patients

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