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ServiceNow enhances Now Platform with native mobile enterprise capabilities

ServiceNow enhances Now Platform with native mobile enterprise capabilities

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ServiceNow delivers mobile experiences across its IT, employee and customer workflows.

ServiceNow has enhanced its Now Platform with native mobile enterprise capabilities in its Madrid Release, enabling customers to make every day work for their employees mobile first and mobile friendly.

Users can now route requests and fix issues on the go and get help where they are, all with a thumb swipe on a phone.

The native mobile capabilities are part of more than 600 new innovations in the Now Platform Madrid Release that help customers accelerate Digital Transformation by unlocking productivity and delivering mobile experiences across ServiceNow’s IT, employee and customer workflows.

These workflows can now easily use powerful, native mobile apps, including the company’s flagship IT Service Management (ITSM) and Field Service Management products.

Anyone can create new, native mobile apps quickly and easily in a ‘no-code’ environment. Rather than simply make a desktop experience mobile, the Now Platform Madrid release delivers mobile-first experiences that dramatically simplify common workflows for agents such as looking up information, updating incidents and even working offline.

“Every day work is the new killer mobile app,” said CJ Desai, ServiceNow’s chief product officer. “We’re making it simple and easy to make work mobile first and mobile friendly. With the Now Platform Madrid Release, IT and customer service employees can get meaningful work done with a thumb swipe. This is just the beginning; we’ll continue to roll out mobile capabilities across the enterprise, so that using mobile in your work life is as easy as using mobile in your personal life.”

By building native mobile capabilities into the Now Platform, ServiceNow is giving its customers the power to make any digital workflow mobile first. Consumer-like mobile experiences can now replace manual processes, repetitive routine work tasks and complex systems. Native mobile experiences can take advantage of built-in phone features such as camera and maps, enabling employees to use at work the same mobile features they enjoy in their personal lives.

With the Now Platform Madrid Release, customers can manage their workflows anytime, anywhere – from fixing a laptop to resolving a P1 customer issue.

With these new mobile innovations, customers can:

• Route requests and fix issues on the go. A new, out-of-the-box mobile app lets IT quickly route requests for action wherever they might be. Plus, a new mobile app for field service lets employees fix simple issues with a swipe of their thumb so they can focus on solving more complex problems.
• Get help where you are, on any device. The Now Platform Madrid Release empowers customers to provide support to employees wherever they are: mobile, web, chat or third-party interfaces like Workplace by Facebook, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Employees can easily open a support ticket from the app and device of their choice.
• Build custom apps fast. The new ServiceNow Mobile Studio lets anyone build and deploy native iOS and Android mobile apps using no-code tools and a drag-and-drop interface. Employees can use apps with read and write capabilities anywhere, even when they’re offline. For example, customers can build asset management apps that leverage the camera and facilities apps that use GPS.

ServiceNow will continue to enhance the Now Platform’s native mobile capabilities in future releases.

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