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STC serves more than one million pilgrims in six hours

STC serves more than one million pilgrims in six hours

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The number of pilgrims who were served by STC’s critical communication technology, which was used by the General Cars Union of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on Tarwiyah Day at Mena, amounted to more than one million pilgrims in six hours.

Through 2,000 transport lines on which the pilgrims boarded 10,000 buses, the union was able to serve pilgrims through the Tetra critical communication network.

The network, whose capacity was increased during the 1440 Hajj season by 31%, can accommodate huge working groups, in addition to its high security and high encryption level for calls, and its 99.99% effective dynamic operation in emergencies.

Ordinary communication networks are not able to handle call traffic in the case of emergency, especially in crowded places, such as the Holy Places, where more than 2 million communication users meet in one place.

The Ministry of Health also relied on STC critical communication technology for running ambulance convoys, which served ill pilgrims who were hospitalised in Medina hospitals to the Holy Places in Mecca to complete pilgrimage rituals.

The ministry relied on the Tetra critical communication network all the way from Medina to Mecca for a seamless experience.

STC constructed, developed and expanded several sites, alongside the Holy Places. It established other networks in vital areas of the Kingdom such as most airports and ports as well as the Industrial Zone.

STC constructed 210 towers, with a plan to cover all major cities and vital regions in the Kingdom.

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