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Understanding the Certified Data Centre Management Professional program

Understanding the Certified Data Centre Management Professional program

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Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training, discusses the Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) program and the benefits it offers to both individuals and organisations

Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training, discusses the Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) program and the benefits it offers to both individuals and organisations.

International award-winning technical education company CNet Training has been designing and delivering professional network infrastructure education and training programs since 1996.

Today CNet is the global leader in technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors, and is the only industry dedicated education provider in the world to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications.

These qualifications start at Level 3 and culminate in the world’s only Level 7 Master’s Degree program in data centre leadership and management.

CNet delivers classroom-based technical education programs led by expert instructors, in locations across the world and via remote attendance, allowing ease of access to all industry professionals wherever they are in the world.  In addition, they also deliver distance learning programs.

Here Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training discusses the Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) program:

Can you give us an overview of the Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) program?

The Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) is one of CNet’s most popular technical education programs. It’s a comprehensive five-day program that explores and addresses the complex area of managing environments within a data centre facility. The program is designed for individuals wishing to enhance their ability to strategically manage, control and improve the operational effectiveness of a data centre environment.  

What can learners expect to gain from the program?

During the program, learners gain unparalleled knowledge, skills and competency to manage the complex technical environments of a data centre facility and the ability to optimise its effectiveness by driving efficiencies. Learners are taught how to create a credible business strategy and apply strong leadership to maximise the operational capability of the data centre while continuing to meet the ongoing demands of the business. 

On completion, learners will have an unrivalled knowledge of how to effectively manage a data centre environment to optimise its effectiveness more efficiently while meeting the strategic operation demands of the business. They will also gain official certification and a qualification to prove their knowledge and ability.

The program investigates the functionality of all elements of a data centre facility and the relationships and dependencies between them, with a focus on maintaining consistent reliability, security and integrity of data and the availability of service.

Opening with a solid grounding in the basic design principles, the program progresses to provide an overview of the physical infrastructure elements, through to an understanding of the project management methodology required to deliver complex data centre projects. 

The CDCMP also explores the efficient management of the often conflicting operational and maintenance demands required of the data centre plant to continuously deliver the business needs. The challenges of regulatory compliance, data centre strategies and audit demands are also thoroughly examined. 

A certified CDCMP also considers the requirements for compliance, having a full understanding of national and international regulations, codes and standards. During the program, learners will be provided with a valuable opportunity to access the latest industry standards. 

What is the benefit of the CDCMP for employers?

CDCMP qualification and certification provides confidence to employers that their data centre manager is competent to strategically manage data centre processes and procedures through continual improvement planning to meet the operational demands of the business. 

After completing the CDCMP learners are confident in building a strong team to effectively deliver all operational requirements to ensure maximum service uptime as well as ensuring that service level agreements and key performance indicators are consistently met to establish and improve customer satisfaction. 

 How does the CDCMP benefit the learner?

The program is designed to provide the learner with the highest level of skills, knowledge and confidence. On completing the program, learners will be able to identify the processes within data centre operations to ensure consistent reliability, security, integrity and availability of service. Learners will also be able to create a management strategy that aligns with the business operational requirements and recognise the need to develop a multi-disciplinary team.

Where do the (CDCMP) programs take place?

The CDCMP is taught internationally. CNet has programs scheduled in various locations across the UK, North America, Asia and the Middle East. The CDCMP is also available via remote attendance, allowing learners the opportunity to join the class from a location that best suits them, for example in their office or the comfort of their own home.

The remote attendance programs are delivered using collaboration-enabled facilities within specially designed smart rooms. Remote attendees benefit from the same Instructor-led classroom environment in real-time, with the same levels of interaction, collaboration and instructor contact as those who are physically present in the room. Remote attendees effectively sit in the same classroom alongside all the other learners and can, therefore, see, hear and enjoy the same learning experience. They can also participate in group activities. Check the CNet Training website for the latest dates for (CDCMP) classroom and remote attendance availability. 

How long is the CDCMP program?

The CDCMP program is a full five-day program. There is also a requirement of around 20 hours pre-class study that is provided by the CNet team.

 Benefit of qualification and certification?

On completion of the CDCMP program, learners gain an internationally and industry recognised BTEC Level 5 Professional Award Certified – Data Centre Management Professional qualification. Learners also gain official Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) certification and can use the CDCMP postnominal title and the CDCMP logo.

Certifications are a commitment to life-long learning as they require re-certifying every three years via an online learning management system, this offers the perfect portal to ensure knowledge, skills and certification remain current and up to date to reflect the evolving needs of the industry.

What program do you recommend after the (CDCMP)?

Following the CDCMP program, learners are encouraged to continue their professional development by advancing their knowledge and skills to gain further official certifications and qualifications by progressing through the Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which maps education programs to career advancement throughout the data centre and network infrastructure sectors.

While the programs flow perfectly from one to another they are of equal value as stand-alone programs and learners can enter the framework at any level depending on their level of experience.

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