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Avaya confirms UAE’s readiness to roll out work from home initiatives

Avaya confirms UAE’s readiness to roll out work from home initiatives

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Following the UAE government’s decision to implement remote working policies across a growing number of federal departments over the coming week, Avaya, the contact centre and collaboration solutions provider to government and private sector organisations in the country, has confirmed that these entities are ready to successfully execute this initiative from a technological standpoint.

The company commended the UAE government for once again showing leadership in utilising technology to ensure that vital citizen and customer support services remain unimpacted during the effort to contain and control the spread of COVID-19.

For years, Avaya has been the technology partner to several government entities and large private sector organisations in the UAE across the transportation, civil defence, travel and tourism, emergency services, banking and education sectors, ensuring that their contact centres and collaboration environments incorporate the latest technologies that enable exceptional customer service and employees experience.

As these entities prepare to empower their call centre agents to now work from home, Avaya is working in close collaboration with its customers in the UAE, to ensure the all the communications features and capabilities will be conveniently available to remote workers so they can continue to work unimpeded.

Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, Avaya International, said: “Given the concerns around the continued spread of the virus, the Dubai Government is rightly making the health and safety of employees the top priority. At the same time, as a key technology partner to several of these government departments, Avaya is seeing a tremendous effort and investment being made into mitigating any potential impact on customer service. The contact centres that these agencies have invested in over the years are truly cutting edge, and already incorporate all the features needed to empower a remote workforce.”  

In addition to its contact centre technologies, Avaya is also working with several private sector companies to deploy its cloud-based collaboration and communications solution. This application incorporates video conferencing, messaging and file sharing, thus delivering key features needed by employees to work remotely.

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