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NNTC boosts Al Nasiya Construction’s efficiency with iFalcon Foreman application

NNTC boosts Al Nasiya Construction’s efficiency with iFalcon Foreman application

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NNTC, a UAE-based software developer and solutions provider, has announced the successful implementation of its iFalcon Foreman solution at Al Nasiya Construction, a contracting firm in the UAE.

Powered by NNTC’s trademark iFalcon video analytics technology, the solution is specifically engineered for the construction industry and automates the processes of monitoring worker attendance, subcontractor attendance and calculating overtime.

According to NNTC, the iFalcon Foreman application scans the faces of workers before the start of each shift with its recognition accuracy at over 98% and automatically clocks them in. The company said the automation of an otherwise time-consuming manual process speeds up check-in by five times, simplifies monitoring and increases transparency on subcontractor attendance with instant overtime calculation.

NNTC pointed out that by implementing the iFalcon Foreman application, Al Nasiya Contracting has gained anywhere-anytime access to worker schedules and shift reports, insight into the overtime hours clocked by its workforce and a comprehensive view of attendance on multiple sites.

“NNTC’s solution has helped optimise work processes and schedules at our construction sites. This increased efficiency has also helped reduce the costs associated with overtime. Innovative solutions such as iFalcon Foreman further the overall development of the industry and we are thankful to NNTC for implementing it at our company,” said a Senior Representative at Al Nasiya Construction.

Alexander Belyaev, Technical Director, NNTC, said: “We are continuously adapting our solutions to better serve the needs of our clients. Our priority has always been to facilitate them in achieving their business goals. iFalcon Foreman is a major milestone for us and the increased efficiency at Al Nasiya’s sites is testament to its effectiveness. We are confident Al Nasiya will continue to reap the benefits of this solution well into the future.”

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