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Regional online car renting platform expands service reach to 164 countries worldwide

Regional online car renting platform expands service reach to 164 countries worldwide

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Yasser Al Hasan, CTO at Beno, and Ahmad Eshtieh, Co-founder & CEO at Beno

Beno Technologies, a UAE-based tech start-up, has announced global service expansion of its Beno online car renting platform across 164 countries worldwide since it was first launched in November 2019.

Boasting more than 60,000 destinations in 164 countries worldwide and across Europe and Africa, Beno online platform now enables users to rent cars from anywhere by aggregating major car hire companies worldwide. Whether at airports, shopping malls or other locations in the city.

At its launch, Beno first rolled out services to UAE residents only. Now, users of any country in the Middle East, and the Gulf in particular, can benefit from Beno when travelling between 164 countries around the world. The company aims to expand operations to countries beyond the Middle East, offering beno users a global car rental reach with a taste of local experience.

Beno also began serving customers through its website, having been initially limited to mobile apps. This development will simplify and streamline car booking with enhanced service flexibility and availability online.

Ahmad Eshtieh, Co-founder & CEO at Beno Technologies, said: “The UAE is a leading environment for tech start-ups to prosper. Our accelerated transformation from a local start-up to a global platform with worldwide reach was a huge success. We look forward to achieving more by working with regional partners and investors who expressed never-seen-before excitement for this venture.”

Beno recently received international accreditation from travel and tourism industry organisations, IATA, Travelport and ISSP, enabling the company to engage leading travel and tourism firms under a unified code, and further bolstering investor confidence in the platform’s high security and technology standards.

On the technical front, Yasser Al Hasan, CTO at Beno, added: “We will continue to enable business capabilities to tap into uncharted territories through innovative technical solutions. Leveraging AWS Lake Formation Machine Learning algorithms, we are disrupting the vehicle industry data standards to provide our customers with accurate and tailored data sets that meet their needs.”

In conclusion, Ahmad Eshtieh added: “Beno continues to raise the bar on its commitment to comply with highest tech standards in the industry. Our working environment is attracting young talents seeking career prospects in a promising UAE tech venture reaching out to the entire world.”

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