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Qatari deep technology start-up ADGS creates tool to battle COVID-19

Qatari deep technology start-up ADGS creates tool to battle COVID-19

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A Qatar-based deep technology start-up, ADGS, is creating cutting edge research and development (R&D) in behavioural data science that will provide a first of its kind tool in the fight against COVID-19.

Dubbed PANDEXIT, the tool is the first pandemic predictive system that simulates the broad social dynamics of a country so that, once virus hot spots are known, experts can develop models of how, when and where people are likely to move and interact.

ADGS was founded with the mission to develop algorithms for computers to ethically reproduce human behaviour.

“ADGS technologies address big societal challenges and will likely shape the way we solve some of the most pressing global problems, now and for the future,” said Christophe Billiottet, CEO, ADGS. “These technologies have the power to create their own markets and disrupt existing industries.”

With the battle against the current global pandemic and a race against time, decision-makers are led to make decisions without really knowing what will be their human and economic impact, and must wait for outcomes to possibly rectify the shot.

“ADGS is thrilled with the advancements we can offer with our cutting-edge software,” he said. “PANDEXIT’s predictive capability will provide vastly improved efficiencies in the fight against COVID-19.”

PANDEXIT is set to be released by the end of January 2021.

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