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Aramco and stc unveil Dammam 7 supercomputer
Officials from Aramco and stc at the launch of Dammam 7 supercomputer.

Aramco and stc have announced the launch of Dammam 7, a new supercomputer among the top 10 most powerful in the world.

The supercomputer presents new opportunities in both exploration and development and enhances Aramco’s decision-making on exploration and investment decisions.

According to Aramco, the move is the next step in its Digital Transformation, complementing a suite of advanced technologies that are reshaping core operations, driving efficiencies and reinforcing its industry leadership in geoscience.

Developed at Dhahran Techno Valley in partnership with Solutions, a subsidiary of stc Group, and CRAY, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise subsidiary, Dammam 7 has 55.4 petaflops of peak computing power, allowing it to process and image the world’s largest geophysical datasets.

The Dammam 7 supercomputer, named after the first oil well discovered in Saudi Arabia, will push beyond the traditional boundaries of exploration and production through cutting edge technology.

Amin H. Nasser, President and CEO, Aramco, said: “The Dammam 7 supercomputer is named after the first commercial oil well discovered in 1938. It will help us with breakthroughs as part of our long term ‘Discovery and Recovery’ strategy in our Upstream business. This technology that processes complex data faster will enable new discoveries and enhanced recoveries, which are crucial to both ensuring the availability of adequate supply to meet the demand for energy and to cut costs while boosting productivity. Continuous investment in innovative technology is an essential enabler of our company’s long-term growth strategy and Dammam 7 is another step in our plan to invest in the right technology that drives production efficiency and resilience.”

Nasser S. Al-Nasser, Group CEO, stc, said: “The inauguration of the supercomputer data centre in Aramco will open up new horizons in exploration, which will have a significant impact on data digitisation and quality. These are in line with the Digital Transformation plans of the desired national outlook and we are proud to have worked with locals to establish Dammam 7 Centre.”

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