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Cisco Webex Evolves with new features to enhance digital connectivity

Cisco Webex Evolves with new features to enhance digital connectivity

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Cisco Webex has a deep history of helping employees innovate and remain productive wherever they are. Since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold and closed schools and workplaces around the world and pushed all aspects of people’s lives into the digital realm – enabling remote working, distance learning and virtual socialising – Webex continued to enrich the development of businesses, employees and the wider public alike.

The platform has been integral to organisations in making great strides, by enabling governments to lead remotely. Webex has also been essential in supporting day-to-day matters that allow the facilitation of meetings doctors have with their patients safely, along enabling classes that educators have with their students, among many other examples. Moreover, Cisco Webex has also been supporting organisations in providing their employees with an inclusive and seamless digital experience that enables the smart workplace required to empowering the connectivity needs of the workforce now more than ever before.

Hence, as a key collaboration platform for many organisations in the region, Webex has brought to the table new features and capabilities to enable a truly global, hybrid workforce. Here are five things you need to know about Cisco Webex’s new features: Real-time translation for more inclusive meeting experiences, flexible recording throughout different devices, call media optimisation for Webex Calling (ICE), Q&A support for Webex Meetings and Enter a 9-digit code to connect to a device.

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