Valtech repositions its brand to unlock value for enterprises in an experience-driven world

Valtech repositions its brand to unlock value for enterprises in an experience-driven world

Valtech, the experience innovation company, has entered a new era as it repositions its brand to reflect its ambition, growth, and evolution in today’s experience-driven world.

This strategic shift comes as the agency doubled its revenue and headcount over the last five years, assisting leading brands like Dolby, P&G, L’Oreal, Mars, Audi and Volkswagen in transforming into digital enterprises.

The new brand positioning of Valtech is driven by the growing business and consumer need for experience innovation, the key for brands to leap ahead of their competition and maintain market leadership. Valtech’s work in business transformation over the past decade has shown that experience innovation has overtaken digital transformation as the solution to propel its clients forward and overcome parity, and as the catalyst behind its own growth.

“Digital acceleration and increased digital maturity are changing the reality for brands across all industries. Now many leading enterprises are well underway with their digitalisation, the ability to leap ahead isn’t easy,” said Olivier Padiou, CEO at Valtech. “With greater access to advanced cloud-based technology and global talent, digital transformation is now available to everyone. This has levelled the playing field, turning what was once ‘the best’ into ‘best practices.’”

“Experience innovation is about going beyond today’s definition of ‘the best’ to aim for future-back category leadership. It’s about outsmarting the competition, setting new standards, and unlocking value in a rapidly changing and connected world. This is where we’re primed to deliver.”

According to Salesforce, 88% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. Valtech is well-positioned to help brands go beyond the best when delivering experiences, to not only keep pace with shifts in customer expectations but also to ensure profitability under current market conditions.

“Our unique approach to experience innovation allows brands to better respond to shifts in business, industry, geopolitics, culture, and technology. We’ve seen the value it brings when driving demand and delight for customers and in turn, how it converts to business performance and revenue,” Olivier added.

Adam Cukrowski, Regional Managing Director at Valtech MENA, said: “Our experience innovation strategy is the driving force behind our commitment in supporting the ambitious regional transformational agendas of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the neighbouring GCC countries. In a region where disruption and transformational leaps are the norm, we understand that in today’s experience-driven economy, brands must go beyond conventional boundaries to excel. We are here to empower them to outperform, redefine standards, and thrive in a dynamically changing and interconnected landscape. It is an exciting journey where we lead the charge in experience innovation and set the bar for customer experiences that ultimately drive measurable business results.”

Valtech’s unique, collaborative culture is at the core of its new brand positioning. It’s because of this that it can combine different disciplines, cultures, industries, and perspectives to create surprising breakthroughs for clients. By daring to blend creativity with commerce, wellness with mobility, retail with b2b, and many more uncommon combinations, it creates solutions that achieve the exceptional. This proven pathway to experience innovation, made possible by its ability to adjust its client engagement model to the client’s specific needs, has allowed major brands in Valtech’s roster, including L’Oreal, Mars, and Audi, to break through silos, exceed expectations, disrupt categories, redefine success, and deliver exponential value.

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