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Storex offers disruptive ICT Infrastructure lifecycle extension services

Storex, specialists in multi-vendor infrastructure lifecycle extension management, says that on average, most displaced OEM estates have not even reached 40% of the potential capacity before being replaced. Jan Beukes, CEO and founder, says that throughout the Middle East and Africa, many organisations have a surplus of infrastructure capacity that is not being optimised properly. […]

Connected intelligence and 5G to impact how industrial sector approaches quality control

The research that surrounds Artificial Intelligence (AI) is plentiful and varied. There are reports from Gartner that highlight how it is critical for an organisation to build foundations for AI and Machine Learning to ensure it is futureproofed. PWC’s research talks about the human factor and the jobs that these technologies will create or remove […]

Hot topics in Artificial Intelligence infrastructure

AI has generated a lot of hype over the past few years. The fanfare has led to much confusion for business and IT leaders, and in order for it to be more broadly adopted for real-world scenarios, enterprise architecture and technology leaders have asked for help making sense of it. One way to start is […]

Enterprises must begin their journey to the edge

Morten Illum, VP of EMEA, Aruba, says that, in the search for competitive advantage, it is increasingly clear every business should be looking in one place – at the edge of their network, where technology and people meet. Where data and processing power were once concentrated in the back-office, now they live at the edge, […]

Changing the banking industry’s landscape in the digital era

The face of the banking industry worldwide has undergone and is still undergoing a dramatic transformation as a result of the disruptive effects of mind-blowing digital advancements that have dominated the 21st century. Shady Aziz, A2P Manager, ArpuPlus, says Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of these major disruptive and impactful technologies with a powerful, game-changing […]

Nexign expert: How CSPs can fulfil the expectations of digital natives

In the age of the digital native, where negative experiences will quickly be shared on social media, CSPs in the Middle East need to ensure customer experience exceeds expectations. Maxim Nartov, Customer Solutions Director, Nexign, says a vital part of this is designing a robust Business Support System allowing CSPs to become digital service providers […]

Cybersecurity risk is at critical level, according to SANS survey

People remain the greatest threat to industrial control systems (ICS) and associated networks, according to a new SANS survey focused on better understanding cybersecurity risks to operational technology (OT) systems. More than half of respondents also see the cyber risks to their safe and reliable operations as high or higher than in past years. A […]

Driving Digital Transformation within financial services

With the pace at which the financial services industry is transforming, how can you match this momentum and drive ahead of the competition? Fujitsu say that you can do it by integrating multi-cloud into your existing tech infrastructure and using new-found flexibility and speed to counter the pressure from market disruptors.

The make-or-break challenges CIOs need to address

The vision of highly efficient, connected and safe factories is a reality in manufacturing, but how do CIOs overcome the challenges and seize opportunities in Industry 4.0? This video from Cisco aims to explain this.

IT digital workflows – Measuring employee job satisfaction

With the need to transform outdated ways of working, Chris Pope, VP Innovation, ServiceNow, says employees may now begin discussing the state of their digital workflows and measuring their job satisfaction as a result. The idea that company employees discuss and share their inner musings on corporate secrets when standing around the water cooler is […]

Smart Cities: Smart skills for the future

New and futuristic skills are required to fully harness the power of Smart Cities which enhance the quality and performance of urban services through technology. Roy Strik, Head of Business Development for Pearson Professional Middle East, tells us about the skills that will be in demand to make the most of the Smart City Revolution. Rapid […]

Cyber Threat Intelligence – by Thales

Cyber Threat Intelligence is the ability to constantly understand and analyse the level of computer threat, thus allowing the trusted ecosystem to adapt its line of defence accordingly. The experts at Thales tell us more.

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