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10 elements of security consolidation that allow us to do more in the ‘less is more’ era

Hadi Jaafarawi, Managing Director – Middle East, Qualys, discusses the 10 key elements of a robust ‘platformisation’ approach to cybersecurity so that we can do more with less. Less is more. We all instinctively grasp the wisdom in the adage, but we don’t all live by it. According to IBM, the average enterprise has more […]

PwC and SAP to help organisations achieve their ESG and net zero targets

PwC and SAP have announced a new co-innovation strategy to make sustainability an integral part of standard business operations. The strategy is directed at creating trusted solutions to address key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) business challenges. It covers carbon measuring, reporting and steering as well as supply chain decarbonisation, climate risk and competitive analysis. […]

Mission control: The evolution of the CIO role

The transformation of the CIO role is undeniable as we continue to witness a shift in the responsibilities that have been thrust upon them, especially since the pandemic. Arthur Hu, SVP and Global CIO at Lenovo, discusses the changing role of the CIO as it evolves into an ever more complex one, and why partnering […]

Three-quarters of UAE organisations are concerned about printing energy use

With energy costs on the rise, research from Epson reveals a concern about the use of printers.  Research commissioned by Epson with regional decision-makers has shown that nearly two-thirds (58%) of UAE corporate respondents want to reduce energy costs and 72% say they’re concerned about the energy use of printers given the increases in energy […]

Leapfrogging your competitors with the Metaverse

With much speculation surrounding the Metaverse and how it will develop, Duncan Roberts, Senior Manager at Cognizant, explores the many ways businesses can utilise its potential and why now is a good time to start familiarising ourselves with its capabilities. The Metaverse, initially dubbed the ‘Next Big Thing’, has been subject to criticism lately by […]

Survey finds 87% of business leaders expect to increase sustainability investment over next two years

A total of 86% of business leaders say sustainability investments are protecting their organization from disruption. A new Gartner survey reveals that 87% of business leaders expect to increase their organization’s investment in sustainability over the next two years. Customers are the primary stakeholder group creating pressure for organizations to invest or act on sustainability […]

Oman Airports ensures security compliance with Runecast

Oman Airports is a state-owned company that manages all the airports of the Sultanate including Muscat International Airport, Duqm Airport, Suhar Airport, Salalah Airport. It is therefore essential that it operates with strict security protocol across the board to avoid falling victim to sophisticated cyberattacks. Basim Al Lawati, ICT Technical Senior Manager at Oman Airports, discusses […]

Why your organisation’s CIO or CFO could benefit from third-party software support

Martin Biggs, VP and General Manager EMEA, Spinnaker Support, shares some insight into software spend and some of the operational benefits of third-party software support that can enhance the work and support the priorities of the CIO and CFO. How much of your IT expenditure goes on software? A recent report by Gartner found that […]

Every day is Phishing Season!

Phishing attacks have grown more complex and effective in recent years. Josh Goldfarb, Fraud Solutions Architect for EMEA and APCJ at F5, offers insight on why you can’t afford to ignore this well-known and growing menace. If a burglar wanted to gain entry to your home, they could force their way in – perhaps by […]

Saudi Diesel embraces cloud-based ERP to support equipment and power generation market

Infor, an industry cloud company, has announced that Saudi Diesel Equipment Co. (SDEC), an Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia-based leader in diesel power generation, transportation and support equipment manufacturing, is migrating its existing deployment of Infor M3 on-premises to Infor CloudSuite Equipment, enabling it to improve and automate business processes — particularly for its remote field […]

World’s largest 5,000 enterprises will increase their WAN spend by 44% by 2026, says report

Revenue from port charges, SD-WAN and broadband will grow, while MPLS’ contribution to overall market revenue will decrease by 55% between 2021 and 2026. TeleGeography, a global telecommunications market research and consulting firm, has revealed that the WAN market will grow by around 44% – from US$59 billion in 2021 to US$85 billion in 2026 […]

Energy companies’ Digital Transformation efforts driven by need for tighter integration and collaboration

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, commissioned new research polling over 600 senior decision-makers at large energy companies across France, Australia, Japan, the Nordics, US, the UK and the Middle East. The intention was to find out where companies in the industry are now on their Digital Transformation journeys and what’s holding them back.   […]