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Importance of Gi-LAN function consolidation in the 5G World

Hesham Elsherif, Principal System Engineer, A10 Networks, talks to us about the significance of combining Gi-LAN service functions to help drastically reduce the extra latency, simplify network design and operation. Today’s LTE and 4G networks have been playing an important role in supporting mobile broadband services (e.g video conferencing, high-definition content streaming, etc.) across millions […]

Harnessing data at the intelligent edge

Morten Illum, EMEA Vice President at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, shares with Intelligent CIO Middle East how enterprise organisations can successfully unlock the potential of data at the intelligent edge. Within the next two years, analyst and research firm Gartner predicts that over 50% of data will be generated at the Edge of […]

Driving sustainability alongside AI’s profitability promise

Andre N. Verdier, Managing Director, Blue Yonder Middle East, shares with us the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why the application of the technology in the retail sector offers an appealing avenue for future competitiveness. As the Middle East’s retail sector continues to look for ways to regain momentum following COVID-19 restrictions, the application […]

Outside the four walls of the data centre

Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Veeam, shares with us how the four walls of the data centre have collapsed and increased the attack vector as organisations in MENA embrace and promote remote working. Almost three-quarters of professionals across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region prefer jobs that allow them to work remotely, according […]

Secure the Internet to unleash the full value of IoT

Per Johansson, General Manager, Robert Bosch Middle East FZE, on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how organisations and individuals can realise the full potential and value of IoT technologies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how we live, work and get around – our homes are becoming smarter, factories more productive, and even […]

Tackling network woes from home: The new standard for modern IT teams

Jacob Chacko, Regional Business Head – Middle East, Saudi and South Africa (MESSA) at HPE Aruba, talks about intelligent cloud-based networking that provides organisations with comprehensive visibility as they have been forced to review remote working due to the global pandemic. According to a Gartner analysis on the future of work trends 2020, the global […]

Ensuring reliable network connectivity with high availability load balancing

As enterprises become further dependent on the Internet to get business done, the threat of downtime can become a competitive disadvantage. Direct financial losses are substantial and a primary reason why businesses need to establish a high availability solution. Adil Baghir, Technology Consultant Lead, Middle East and Africa at A10 Networks explains why a high […]

Key business IT priorities needed to embrace opportunities at the Edge

Organisations across every industry sector are currently experiencing change on an unprecedented scale as they look to digitally transform operations, through the implementation of digital devices, smart technologies and an ever-expanding network, in the search for a competitive advantage. However, in order to leverage and evolve how we use data collected through Digital Transformation, it’s […]

Working from Home: Temporary measure or new norm?

Shukri Eid, Managing Director, Cisco Gulf Region, discusses remote working and why it has proven its capabilities in delivering benefits related to virtualising unique skills. Around the world, businesses have had to adapt rapidly to the reality of having most of their employees working remotely. Although some countries are gradually returning to work, the on-going […]

No more hard sell: IT needs to be a gentler business

In the time of pandemic, vendors need to show their human side and empathise with customers. Andrew Brinded, Vice President and Sales Chief Operating Officer, Nutanix explains Intelligence CIO why this is important.

Rethinking managed services for the ‘new normal’

Even though corporate interest in IT managed services has always been strong, the global pandemic of the past several months is resulting in a market shift where the outsourcing of certain computing and IT-related processes will become more integral to the success of a business in a digitally-focused environment. Andreas Bartsch, Head, Service Delivery at PBT Group, shares his views.

Investment in computing power is an investment in economic growth

Charles Yang, President, Huawei Middle East, says countries in the Middle East should invest in ubiquitous computing infrastructure on governmental, industrial and commercial levels to build national economy competitiveness. Gross domestic product (GDP), has long been the way to measure how successful a country is, in terms of economic strength. But, in an increasingly digital […]