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Vulnerability assessment, penetration testing or red teaming: which is right for your enterprise?

Red teaming is a service focused on the assessment of a company’s operational security capabilities via conducting a sophisticated attack simulation exercise and evaluating detection and response reaction of defending SOC specialists (blue team). Alexander Zaytsev, Head, Security Assessment, Kaspersky, explains the difference between red teaming and other services including vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. […]

The democratisation of the workplace through Edge Computing

Edge Computing is critical to ensuring a seamless transition from the traditional workplace setting to the future of work. It is here now, and it’s hybrid. To realise its full potential, businesses must focus on the outcome rather than the implementation of the technology. Rick Vanover, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Veeam, tells us how the […]

The key to cloud choice is consistency, not complexity

Cloud options available to businesses have expanded rapidly as the use of modern applications – which rely on the hybridity and flexibility that multi-cloud environments provide – has exploded. Lee Syse, Cloud Tech Lead, VMware Sub-Saharan Africa, discusses the challenge facing businesses today, particularly their IT teams and how they can find that perfect balance […]

The CISO in 2021: Coping with the not-so-calm after the storm

Keith Bird, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Proofpoint, sheds light on understanding who in an organisation is now most vulnerable to attack, the types of attack they are likely to face – and how everyone, from the CISO to the HR team, has a part to play in keeping those attacks at bay. In the aftermath […]

How can healthcare organisations overcome a COVID-19 data overload?

As we enter the second year of a global pandemic, it’s clear that COVID-19 makes no exemptions in its attack, our economies have been hit hard and almost every sector across the world has faced disruption, with many pushed to breaking point. This is especially true of the healthcare sector. Jacob Chacko, Regional Director – […]

How Wi-Fi 6 introduces a new era of outdoor wireless access

Osama Al-Zoubi, CTO, Cisco Middle East and Africa, discusses some of the challenges that customers face when trying to obtain an instant wireless connection in outdoor or crowded settings and highlights how Wi-Fi 6 solves these challenges, by delivering an efficient connection for people anywhere in a safe and secure manner. Cisco prides itself on […]

How the pandemic is challenging your IT Network

While convergence of networking systems has been taking place, the benefits of a single and agile network to manage everything has been accelerated, explains Arafat Yousef, Managing Director – Middle East and Africa (MEA), Nexans Data Network Solutions. The pandemic of 2020 has made the concept of remote teams and remote work collaboration a reality. […]

SMS firewalls are the golden standard gateway for securing A2P SMS messaging

Rachel Njiru, Director OP Africa, Infobip, on why mobile network operators (MNOs), must primarily implement SMS firewall systems to secure their networks and customers. Despite the influx of over the top (OTT) messaging solutions in recent years, application-to- person (A2P) SMS messaging remains the most widely used channel by businesses across the African region. SMS […]

Upgrade your work from home setup with secure Wi-Fi 6

Amanulla Khan, Managing Director – Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META), Linksys, on work from home trends and how people have been inspired to re-evaluate their home network security. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our attitude towards technology, including inspiring people to re-evaluate their home network security. With more people spending a lot more time […]

Mergers and acquisitions: Why IT teams should quickly consolidate

When it comes to merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, IT departments and the way consolidation is handled can make or break an efficient transition. Mike Weaver, Technical Product Manager at Quest, specialising in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, tell us why IT teams need to be at the centre of driving the change at an organisational […]

Reaping the benefits of more intelligent campus networks

A campus network is a proprietary local area network (LAN) or set of interconnected LANs serving a corporation, government agency, university or similar organisation. In this context, a typical campus encompasses a set of buildings in close proximity. The end users in a campus network may be dispersed more widely (in a geographical sense) than […]

Behind the buzzword: What innovation really means for modern businesses

Mohamed Mikou, Chief Operating Officer and CMO – Middle East and Africa (MEA), ‎Microsoft, discusses the Power Platform and how it enables non-developers to rapidly configure an application starting from zero in a matter of hours to days using drag-and-drop or point-and-click tools, rather than code and script. Innovation is the driving force of modern […]