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Thycotic expert on achieving maturity in privileged access security

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist and Advisory CISO, Thycotic, explores how organisations can develop more advanced strategies for protecting privileged accounts. Gaining access to privileged accounts is considered getting the ‘keys to the kingdom’ for threat actors. Hacking into these superuser accounts enables cybercriminals to steal, manipulate or delete data, access critical systems and just […]

Why you should use a backup solution to protect your cloud data

Many organisations believe that, once their data is in the cloud, their worries are over. Simon Hwang, APAC President from Synology, however gives convincing reasons for organisations to invest in a cloud backup solution to create a fool-proof situation around their data. As a region, the Middle East has its own set of compliances and […]

Ovum and Juniper cybersecurity webinar

A Cybersecurity webinar by Ovum and Juniper Networks. Speakers Andrew Milroy, Head of Advisory Services APAC, Ovum, and Harry Toolseram, Consulting Engineer, Juniper Networks, talk about how organisations are prioritising their Digital Transformation agenda.

Intelligent automation improves patient outcomes

In healthcare, intelligent automation is the way of the future for improving patient outcomes, and alongside this, improving healthcare costs for all parties. For providers working to uphold a value-based care model improved patient outcomes also mean better financial payouts. This video from Appian explains more.

CNet Training expert on how distance learning offers flexible study

CNet Training is proving that the learning experience doesn’t have to be conventional or classroom-based. Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training, tells us how the company’s distance learning programs – which include training up to Master’s level – enable learners to study anywhere, at any time and at their own pace.  Why does CNet Training offer […]

Cisco expert on defending against email security threats

Email continues to be one of the key attack vectors for cybercriminals. Fady Younes, Cybersecurity Director, Middle East and Africa, Cisco, tells us what the main risks are and how to mitigate these.  What are the most common problems and risks for businesses regarding email attacks? In May 2019, over 85% of all email was […]

Connected intelligence and 5G to impact how industrial sector approaches quality control

The research that surrounds Artificial Intelligence (AI) is plentiful and varied. There are reports from Gartner that highlight how it is critical for an organisation to build foundations for AI and Machine Learning to ensure it is futureproofed. PWC’s research talks about the human factor and the jobs that these technologies will create or remove […]

Hot topics in Artificial Intelligence infrastructure

AI has generated a lot of hype over the past few years. The fanfare has led to much confusion for business and IT leaders, and in order for it to be more broadly adopted for real-world scenarios, enterprise architecture and technology leaders have asked for help making sense of it. One way to start is […]

Five key factors CISOs should consider when building an IR process

Amir Kanaan, Managing Director for META region at Kaspersky, details the key factors CISOs should consider when building an incident response process. As attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, 83% of CISOs agree that cyberincidents within their companies are inevitable. So it comes as no surprise that the majority (76%) believe the speed and quality […]

Darktrace expert on the risks of collaboration in the cloud and the role of AI

Justin Fier, Director of Threat Intelligence and Analytics, Darktrace, discusses the major vulnerabilities seen in Software as a Service today and looks at real life examples of attacks where AI cyberdefences have been able to prevent a breach. It’s no secret that collaboration is the bedrock of business. In fact, a Stanford University study demonstrated […]

Changing the banking industry’s landscape in the digital era

The face of the banking industry worldwide has undergone and is still undergoing a dramatic transformation as a result of the disruptive effects of mind-blowing digital advancements that have dominated the 21st century. Shady Aziz, A2P Manager, ArpuPlus, says Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of these major disruptive and impactful technologies with a powerful, game-changing […]

Driving Digital Transformation within financial services

With the pace at which the financial services industry is transforming, how can you match this momentum and drive ahead of the competition? Fujitsu say that you can do it by integrating multi-cloud into your existing tech infrastructure and using new-found flexibility and speed to counter the pressure from market disruptors. [youtube]

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