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Getting to grips with Kubernetes as a business enabler

More and more business leaders are beginning to get to grips with Kubernetes, but understanding how it works is another story. Michael Cade, Senior Technologist Product Strategy at Veeam Software, takes a look at some of the important questions surrounding Kubernetes from a data protection perspective and why it is useful. One of the ever […]

Creating value in the workplace with a resilient hyperautomation strategy

Tim Hood is Vice President – EMEA and APAC of Hyland, discusses the concept of hyperautomation and how it can elevate the workplace from monotonous, to purposeful and engaging. Hood explores the critical factors to consider when developing your hyperautomation strategy. First there was automation, now there is hyperautomation. From the age of industrialisation, to […]

How 5G, IoT, AI/ML and remote work will continue pushing data centres forward in 2022

Remote working has single-handedly modernised the workspace for the foreseeable future as employees and employers alike adopt new technologies and approaches to keep things moving at the rate technology is progressing. Ehab Kanary, CommScope Infrastructure EMEA, Emerging Markets Sales VP, touches upon 5G, IoT, cloud migration, reliance on AI and ML, hybrid work and the […]

Why evolving hiring paradigms is key to solving the UAE’s cybersecurity skills gap

The burgeoning skills gap is a heavily discussed topic among cybersecurity professionals as they attempt to find a solution to this ongoing problem. Toni El Inati, RVP Sales, META & CEE, Barracuda Networks, says it isn’t just training, but rather constant, career-long commitment to upskilling and adapting that will prove to be the hallmark of […]

2022 networking and technology: The next generation of Digital Transformation

Organisations far and wide share the same priority when it comes to their business goals: achieving successful Digital Transformation. Simon Waller, Regional Director, EMEA & US at Epsilon, discusses how the continued increase in remote working has accelerated the adoption of cloud services and why businesses in these sectors must gain awareness of the trends […]

Securing one of our most valued assets on Data Privacy Day

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, we must ensure our data is protected at all costs. Ahead of the annual Data Protection Day, a number of industry experts discuss the importance of protecting data and why organisations should embed this into their core values. Sean Carpenter, Senior Director, Product Management & Data Privacy at project44  “Supply chains […]

Why securing the hybrid workplace needs an ecosystem approach

Krupa Srivatsan, Director of Product Marketing at Infoblox, tells us why securing today’s hybrid workplace needs an ecosystem approach. The way we live and work today has significantly changed over the last two years. Gartner forecasts that 31% of all workers and 47% of all knowledge workers worldwide will continue to be remote in 2022. […]

Data centre industry won’t return to normal, according to Eaton expert

Ciaran Forde, Data Centre Segment Leader (EMEA), Eaton, discusses the role of data centres in a world of power transformation and the market opportunity for alignment of data and power in 2022. Ford believes that sector coupling could become one of this year’s major areas of focus for the industry. For data and the data […]

How ransomware is destabilising cyber insurance – and what to do about it

With the rise of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) techniques, double extortion attacks and the low cost of ransomware kits, unsustainable loss ratios have convulsed the insurance market. Thom Langford, Global Security Advocate at SentinelOne, discusses why in order for businesses to protect themselves from ransomware, they need to stop choosing between investing in a better security stack […]

Trends expected to develop in the cybersecurity space in 2022

2021 has been a year of widespread uncertainty across the globe, especially for those in the cybersecurity space as cybercriminals ramped up their attack methods, particularly targeting the healthcare sector. CISOs, among many others, are hoping that 2022 will bring a year of certainty and growth and are predicting what the next 12 months will […]

Cybersecurity predictions: Identity protection to be a priority in 2022

Every year, IT and cybersecurity firms round up their predictions on their expectations for the immediate future. While predictions have a particular pull factor in the marketing sense of the word, experts from Attivo Networks share their evidence-based forecasts into cyberattacker behaviour and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). The 2021 Verizon Data Breach report highlighted […]

Seven strategies for CSO cybersecurity survival

As the CSO is tasked with more complex challenges as threats become more sophisticated, they must create a robust cybersecurity model for their organisation, which requires solid planning. Adrian Taylor, VP of EMEA at A10 Networks, offers his best practice advice in the form of seven strategies that he believes will help to ensure an […]