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Document Digitisation – On the Road to Digital Transformation

For many companies in the Middle East, the biggest challenge when establishing a digital transformation strategy is to determine when and how to digitise paper documents. The decision-making process needs to factor in the requirement to scan legacy files, as well as put processes in place to capture all newly created or acquired information quickly […]

Are You a ‘Grow Getter’ or Does Your Business Fail to ‘Get Growth’?

No business can grow unless the people behind the organisation are focused on achieving growth. As new markets expand and globalisation becomes the norm, growth opportunities can become limited and even niche areas of business can become saturated. The ambiguity of the economic climate and differences of opinion among experts and forecasters is blurring many […]

This is your father’s storage industry, but not for long

Christian Putz, Director, Emerging Markets, Europe, Middle East & Africa at Pure Storage explains how, between the emergence of cloud and flash, none of the storage solutions designed for mechanical disk and the traditional data centre will make the leap to the solid-state cloud.  Over the past 25 years, mobile phones have been completely rethought, […]

Cyber security on your travels

On a business trip – and especially on vacation – it’s easy to overlook the security measures that you instinctively take at home. Kaspersky Lab’s experts share advice on what you need to do to make sure your hotel Wi-Fi access is secure, you’re safe to buy tickets online and how you can respond if […]

Trend predictions for 2015

The year 2014 was marked by a number of potentially historic technological innovations. From Europe taking the front seat in the driverless car industry, to wearable technology – whether it is smart spectacles or connected watches – finally becoming mainstream, 2014 has seen technologies first conceptualised in science fiction start to become reality. And with the […]

Tis’ the season for credit card data theft

Lucas Zaichkowsky, Enterprise Defense Architect, Resolution1 Security, provides insights into attacks and addresses how to detect targeted attacks in progress and respond before major damage occurs. With Christmas around the corner, the shopping frenzy will begin as consumers find good deals and retailers increase their sales revenues, but they’re not the only ones that benefit from […]

How to clear out cookies, flash cookies and local storage

Chester Wisniewski-Senior Security Advisor at Sophos, outlines  a quick fix to show you how to clear out cookies and the cookie-like things that can be used to track you online. Why cookies are important Cookies are very small pieces of information given to your web browser by the sites you visit. Your browser will store the cookies […]

Future-proofing the corporate data centre

Curt Beckmann, Chief Technology Architect, EMEA, Brocade, breaks down how technology trends such as big data, cloud and pervasive mobility are transforming the way we live and work, and having a dramatic impact on businesses and consumers. The benefits from these trends are varied and wide-ranging, but they all have a common element underpinning them; […]

Protecting educational data

Pradeesh VS, General Manager at ESET Middle East, provides eight IT security measures for educational institutes to secure their data and systems.  There is a clear trend towards the increased utilisation of IT system in Middle East educational institutions. In its predictions for 2014, IDC estimated that ICT spending in the Middle East would top $96 […]

Social routing in the contact centre

Dave Paulding,Regional Sales Director UK & Middle East at Interactive Intelligence, explains the emerging trend of social routing and the modern day customer. Social routing is an emerging trend, a way in which contact centres can more accurately meet the needs of their customers. But how is this different from what we’re doing at the […]

The Internet of Things comes to the enterprise

Chris Gray, Director, Embedded and Intelligent Systems, Red Hat, provides this brief blog on how important it is for organisations to build innovative, perhaps even futuristic, IoT solutions for customers if they want to be successful. If you’ve been reading about the Internet of Things (IoT) market, you’re probably wondering why all the buzz is about consumer […]

Controlling data risk in the BYOD onslaught

Nizar Elfarra, Pre Sales Director, CommVault, presents a comprehensive blog overview of the BYOD era in full swing and how this is posing a higher level of data security risk to enterprises. CIOs are faced with balancing the needs of workers to be more mobile and have more choice with the needs of the enterprise to protect […]