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How Starbucks is using AI to improve the customer experience

At Microsoft’s Build conference, Starbucks showed how Artificial Intelligence is helping them better predict what customers may be in the mood for, taking into account factors such as weather, location and user preferences.

Expedite application adoption in government

Dave Reber, Cybersecurity Director at Nutanix, talks about the benefits of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and how it helps government agencies quickly deploy applications.

LifeScan drives innovation with move to cloud

LifeScan, a blood glucose monitoring provider, moved to Oracle Cloud to ensure the successful divesture from J&J in six months. Lifescan partnered with Oracle Consulting to migrate JD Edwards to OCI and implement Cloud Procurement and Financials.

Sightings search for phishing and malware attacks

In this video, ServiceNow demonstrates how to use the sighting search feature to locate phished users, and track phishing and malware observables within the log store on your network.

Executive Guide to the NTT Security 2019 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Here, Dimension Data provide all the facts and figures you need to know about the latest cyberthreat landscape and what to do about bolstering your organisation’s cybersecurity.

Twenty Questions with Niantic CEO John Hanke

John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic and the creator of Pokémon Go shares his thoughts on the current state of augmented reality, the ethics of AI, and the superiority of giant squids over pretty much all other creatures.

Lenovo previews world’s first foldable PC

From never-before-seen form factors to new user experiences, Lenovo’s innovation history is laden with firsts that have continued to define and re-imagine smart, personalised computing. And, another breakthrough is on the horizon. Accelerate has unveiled a demo of the world’s first foldable PC. Made for highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals who demand the best tools, the new […]

Integrated business planning with SAP

Thomas Klemm, VP and Chief Product Owner of IBP, discusses the current status and next steps in the area of Operational Supply Planning with Karsten Schierholt, Chief Product Owner of IBP for Response and Supply.

DXC Labs introduces emerging technologies

DXC Labs explain how emerging technologies can be useful in the workplace. This video seeks to answer the following questions: How can companies achieve innovation with virtual and augmented reality? What value can drones add? What about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It provides a quick review of what the next generation of tech innovation can do […]

SAP Keynote – Making a difference – experience, leadership, impact

Alicia Tillman, CMO for SAP, discusses how enterprises can best utilise technology to make rapid progress. A panel of experts discuss commitment and leadership with different backgrounds but with a common sense of purpose.    

R&M provides structured cabling network to largest airport in the world

R&M supplied copper cables to the largest airport in the world, Istanbul Grand Airport, Turkey. The implementation enabled innovation, capability and flexibility throughout the airport.

Forcepoint’s approach to cybersecurity

Forcepoint CIO Meerah Rajavel, Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Ford, and head of X-Labs Raffael Marty talk about the unique ways that Forcepoint is approaching cybersecurity through a behaviour-centric model.

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