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Mimecast now certified in the ServiceNow store

Mimecast now certified in the ServiceNow store

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Mimecast now certified in the ServiceNow store

Mimecast has announced it has received certification of its application with ServiceNow, available now in the ServiceNow Store.  Certification by ServiceNow is only granted to apps available in the store and signifies that Mimecast has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on Now Platform security, compatibility, performance and integration interoperability. The certification also helps ensure that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of Mimecast with ServiceNow.

The new integration is engineered to boost helpdesk efficiencies by allowing customers to remain in the ServiceNow administrative console and toggle to the appropriate Mimecast security action they wish to perform. This gives joint customers the ability to quickly and easily monitor the health of their critical infrastructure, such as email queue volumes and automatically respond to issues before they become a potential problem.  

Mimecast and ServiceNow joint customers will benefit from the added layers of efficiency offered by quick access to routine functions, all from one application. Mimecast has identified the most frequently performed functions, previously managed exclusively in the Mimecast administrative console and have moved them fully into ServiceNow. Actions available within the ServiceNow console include managing the hold queue, managing URLs and senders and tracking the status of Mimecast services.

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