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Columbia Heights, MN, selects Nyotron PARANOID to secure endpoints

Columbia Heights, MN, selects Nyotron PARANOID to secure endpoints

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Nyotrona company which offers a true Zero Trust security platform, for endpoints and servers, that blocks attacks in real-time without any need for threat detection or learning, has announced that Columbia Heights, Minnesota, has chosen Nyotron’s PARANOID Endpoint Prevention and Response (EPR) solution to protect the city’s endpoints.

Local governments are often the target of cyberattacks due to a lack of IT personnel and budget. In fact, last year more than 163 ransomware attacks targeted local and county governments, with at least US$1.8 million in payment surrendered to these hackers. This problem is only getting worse from the dramatic shift in remote working driven by the global pandemic.

“We selected PARANOID because its positive security approach detects and blocks any abnormal behavior of a process within the Windows operating system,” said Aleksandr Chernin, Information Systems Director, City of Columbia Heights. “Even if a cyberattack breaches other protection measures, PARANOID prevents any disruptive action of the payload like data encryption, corruption or exfiltration. Additionally, Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services investigates the abnormalities and creates custom behavior patterns if process actions are legitimate. This combination of software and service makes Nyotron a valuable component of our city’s cybersecurity.”

By leveraging the positive security model and mapping the finite ‘good’ behavior, rather than the limitless ‘bad behavior’, Nyotron is able to achieve threat-agnostic, deterministic protection. PARANOID does not just detect attacks after they have evaded frontline defenses; it prevents damage from taking place, including data encryption, exfiltration, MBR modification and much more. Additionally, PARANOID can complement any existing AV and endpoint security solutions to create an almost impenetrable defense.

“We’re very proud to have been chosen by the city of Columbia Heights to fortify its cybersecurity defenses and add it to our marquee customers in this space,” said Sagit Manor, CEO of Nyotron. “With the increase in remote workers and digital fulfillment of market demand, endpoint became the company gateway. Our PARANOID solution closes the gaps that are left by other security products at the endpoint level, so that companies can focus on their Digital Transformation journeys without fear of data breaches or ransomware attacks We recognize the need and have priced our solutions for state and local governments, as well as SMBs, so that they can stay protected without breaking the bank.”

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