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Seattle Children’s trusts Nutanix to transform employee experience

Seattle Children’s trusts Nutanix to transform employee experience

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Nutanix is enabling hospital workers at Seattle Children’s to more securely access patient data.

Seattle Children’s has selected Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to quickly adapt to healthcare’s changing needs during the pandemic and beyond.

With Nutanix, healthcare workers can now more securely access sensitive data and better support patients in the digital world.

Now, more than ever, healthcare organizations need to look to technology partners to build infrastructure that shapes Digital Transformation to meet shifting regulatory and consumer demands. COVID-19 has ushered in a new era for hospital interactions and relationships.

“COVID-19 has caused a financial crisis, and healthcare is not immune – in addition to caring for our patients, hospitals across the globe are concerned about their business, their revenue and retaining staff and employees,” said Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Seattle Children’s.

“Our plea to every technology partner is to put flexibility first, as Nutanix has done so expertly. We needed an IT infrastructure that is flexible and can be scaled up and down depending on need. That is what every hospital and healthcare provider needs to make it through the other side of COVID-19 and to succeed in their Digital Transformation journey well beyond this pandemic.”

Nutanix changed the way Seattle Children’s could enable its employees – going from zero employees working remotely to 4,000 remote workers who leveraged VDI infrastructure to stay connected. Nutanix transformed the hospital’s internal processes, enabling secure video conferencing and making group meetings and team huddles feasible.

Additionally, Nutanix helped Seattle Children’s to provide the private cloud technology needed to run 46 sites across four states to provide access to employees.

“COVID-19 is forcing the industry to accelerate innovation to meet patients and healthcare workers’ changing needs,” said Cheryl Rodenfels, Healthcare Strategist, Nutanix. “By partnering with Nutanix, Seattle Children’s was able to quickly enable employees to more securely access sensitive patient data remotely, something that will help the hospital better serve patients well beyond this pandemic.”

Post-pandemic, Seattle Children’s plans to continue ramping up its virtual capabilities and changing how it thinks about and delivers IT services. The hospital now believes the future of healthcare infrastructure is hybrid and plans its IT strategy with a renewed cloud strategy in mind.

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