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Pacific Dental Services enables modern dentistry with Citrix DaaS

Pacific Dental Services enables modern dentistry with Citrix DaaS

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Pacific Dental Services leverages cloud service to securely and reliably deliver resources needed to launch and manage practices and deliver superior care anyway, anywhere, anytime.

Launching dental practices is hard and managing them is even harder. 

Pacific Dental Services (PDS) is out to make it easy. Using Citrix DaaS, a market-leading cloud service from Citrix Systems, a leading dental support organization provides simple, secure and reliable access to the technology dentists need to get up and running and serve patients in the way that today’s healthcare environment demands – anyway, anywhere, at any time.

“We live in a day and age where people are used to the simplicity and speed of a smart phone and things being ridiculously fast, and we are bringing that to dentistry,” said David Baker, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Pacific Dental Services.

Private Practice + Model and Technology in a Box

PDS delivers the Private Practice + model which provides supported autonomy that allows dentists to concentrate on clinical excellence and the highest levels of cost-effective comprehensive patient care.

“As the owner-doctor, you can build your business and not worry about all of the nonsense in the background like IT services and your phones working, because we take away all of those issues,” Baker said.

“Everything we do is around the supported OD model and, ultimately, the patient-led experience. Our evolving platform is uniquely designed to achieve these outcomes by allowing our owner doctors to focus on doing dentistry.”

And Citrix is a key enabler in the stack.

Using Citrix DaaS, PDS provides unified access to the systems, information and tools employees need to get work done and dynamically applies security policies based on their behavior and environment so they can work when, where and how they want with the confidence that their applications, information and devices are safe.

An IT utility

“Citrix is a core component of how we deliver our practice management system,” Baker said. “As an IT leader, I need to create opportunities for people to work anyway, anywhere, anytime so that we can scale and flex. With Citrix, we can adapt to any scenario. I call it an IT utility – it’s on and it’s off and it just runs consistently.”

And this is critical when it comes to patient experience.

“There’s so much demand with patients and the phones are ringing off the hook,” Baker said.

“Historically, those calls would go to an office phone or answering service and it would just be a poor patient experience. Now, we roll that over to the digital channels that patients want to be met on, on their terms, on their time. Be it a really well-manned contact center or messaging platform of choice, everything is exponentially scalable and boringly stable.”

A non-penetrable bubble

With Citrix, Baker says ‘things are much more consistent and timely.’ And of utmost important in healthcare, they are also more secure. “Everything is centrally managed and it’s like a secure tunnel,” he adds.

PDS is among hundreds of healthcare organizations that rely on Citrix to deliver simple, secure and reliable access to the resources employees need to get work done, wherever it needs to get done.

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