DE-CIX and NOCIX partnership helps bring the world to Kansas City

DE-CIX and NOCIX partnership helps bring the world to Kansas City

A new strategic partnership between DE-CIX and NOCIX enables turnkey connectivity solutions with direct interconnection to DE-CIX Dallas and DE-CIX New York.

DE-CIX, a leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, and NOCIX, a Kansas City data centre operator and dedicated server and colocation provider, have announced their strategic partnership to interconnect the NOCIX data centre in Kansas City with the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in New York City and Dallas.

This agreement enables customers of NOCIX to gain direct access to more than 280 networks in New York and 150 in Dallas, as well as allowing them to directly connect to multiple clouds and gain remote access to other DE-CIX Exchanges – from Phoenix (AZ) all the way to Frankfurt (Germany), both affordably and on a low latency path.

As a colocation data centre based in Kansas City, MO, NOCIX specialises in offering budget-friendly, highly reliable solutions for mission-critical hosting needs. Alongside DE-CIX New York and Dallas, which provide NOCIX customers access to the Northeast and Texan ecosystems, NOCIX also interconnects with other regional players, such as SIX (Seattle) and MICE (Minneapolis), bringing the total to 14 IXs across the US.

In this way, NOCIX can serve up the whole US to customers in Kansas City and the surrounding area. 

“We are thrilled to be working with NOCIX to bring their facility online at DE-CIX New York and DE-CIX Dallas. Together, we are pioneering a new type of partnership that will allow data centres from throughout the US, from outside of the major metros, to partner with us and benefit from our vast interconnection ecosystem,” said Ed d’Agostino, Vice President, DE-CIX North America. “The combination of NOCIX’s local strength and network density and DE-CIX’s carrier grade interconnection platforms brings the world to Kansas City, and we are delighted to be part of NOCIX’s connectivity solution.”

Aaron Wendel, Managing Member, NOCIX, said: “Working with DE-CIX brings new capabilities to our customers in Kansas City. DE-CIX is a partner of choice in further extending our reach because of their unique position as the dominant commercial IX operator in the world.

“This partnership brings immense value and diversity to our overall peering ecosystem, adding to the already many switches for various IXs in our facility. We feel we offer a unique value through the combination of a world class facility and diverse network partners, combined with our position in the geographical centre of the country, making us 35 milliseconds or less from either coast,” added Wendel.

DE-CIX’s turnkey connectivity solution enables data centres outside of the major metropolitan hubs to provide access to relevant regional, national and international networks and helps to close gaps in the national connectivity map. The solution enables regional data centres to extend to the DE-CIX cores, providing instant access to the entire DE-CIX carrier and data centre neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America and beyond.

The DE-CIX IXs in New York and Dallas are interconnected with DE-CIX’s other IXs in the US, offering remote peering at IXs in Chicago, Phoenix and Richmond.

The agreement also allows data centre customers to gain direct access to cloud connectivity solutions at all locations, including the dedicated Cloud Exchange in Seattle. On top, DE-CIX’s global backbone connects the North American IXs with DE-CIX’s global interconnection ecosystem. 

DE-CIX Data Center Turnkey Connectivity – how it works: Instead of buying transport and remote cross-connects, a data centre operator can connect customers directly to a DE-CIX Internet Exchange, just as if they had a switch in their data centre.

“This agreement demonstrates how data centre operators can leverage DE-CIX’s neutrality to gain access to key networks, especially content, that is not present in their local markets and wouldn’t be readily available otherwise. This strategic capability positions DE-CIX uniquely in many markets to support regional connectivity and help grow regional data centres’ revenue streams, and it offers a way forward to close the digital divide across the nation. DE-CIX’s solution brings regional enterprises online instantly to connect with relevant networks easily and hassle-free,” d’Agostino said. 

End customers are direct DE-CIX customers, reducing the burden for the data centre operator and allowing them to enhance their colocation offering and focus on their core business. Not only is the solution turnkey, and therefore easy to implement, but it is also possible at a much lower cost than if data centre operators implement such connectivity on their own.

The set-up uses the data centre’s own local switch and connects virtually to the DE-CIX platforms, moving the access from the physical layer to the VLAN layer. By avoiding additional cross-connect costs on the far side, the solution makes interconnection affordable for the data centre operator, presenting the opportunity to develop new revenue streams.

Data centres can use the solution for their own traffic, can offer connectivity services to their customers and can bring additional cloud connectivity options to their current and future enterprise customers. Also available as a white-label solution, the service can be used to enrich the data centre’s service portfolio with turnkey connectivity made easy.

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