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Cybersecurity warning to healthcare organisations involved in Coronavirus response

Security agencies in the United Kingdom and United States have exposed malicious cyber campaigns targeting organisations involved in the Coronavirus response – and given tips to stay safe. An advisory for international healthcare and medical research organisations has been published, advising staff to change any passwords that could be reasonably guessed to one created with three random words and […]

Expert provides insight into CNet Training’s Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework

Andrew Stevens, CEO at CNet Training, discusses The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework and the importance of creating educational programs that support real career progression. Being the largest and longest-running training and education provider in the world dedicated to the digital infrastructure industry (comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors) brings with it a […]

Cultivating a successful risk management strategy for secure operations

Assessing and addressing risk is essential to the role of a CISO as well as being a core factor in minimising disruption to business operations. Martin Redmond assists CIOs and CISOs with implementing relative controls outlined in their frameworks, and he is currently doing this for John Deere Financial. Martin Redmond is CEO of Analytic […]

WHO reports fivefold increase in cyberattacks

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cyberattacks directed at its staff and email scams targeting the public.  Some 450 active WHO email addresses and passwords were leaked online along with thousands belonging to others working on the novel coronavirus response.  The leaked credentials did […]

Regaining control of CNI in the face of cyberthreats

A cyberbreach on Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) could have a catastrophic impact on the national economy. Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic, explains the impact of CNI attacks and how to regain control. Not all cyberthreats are created equal. While every attack will be bad news for someone, some security incidents can impact the […]

BeyondTrust research finds 77% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities can be mitigated

BeyondTrust, the worldwide technology leader in Privileged Access Management, has announced the release of its Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report. The research provides the latest annual breakdown into security vulnerabilities facing organisations today, as well as a five-year trends analysis to better equip organisations to increase their IT security posture and keep networks and systems safe. Now […]

Cisco solutions make for a capable workforce

Discover how Cisco’s solutions help make your workforce more capable than ever. Solve problems in new ways, share information in real-time and connect via remote devices securely.

Nokia enhances fibre access portfolio to accelerate 5G

Nokia has announced it is expanding its fibre access portfolio to include new solutions and innovations that will enable service providers to deliver a gigabit experience to everyone, sooner. The enhanced portfolio includes a new Lightspan MF access node designed for the 5G era, a new Beacon 6 in-home gateway that supports 5G mobile data […]

Why education must put IT first to stay in touch with the job market

As advancements in AI and automation transform the job market, Jack Field, Security Engineer at KHIPU Networks, describes how educational institutions have the potential to change in order to meet the global requirements of IT skills. Nothing will stop technical progression. Increasing computational power has been forcing businesses to change their expectations of employees’ IT […]

72% of organisations plan to implement Zero Trust capabilities this year

As 72% of organisations plan to implement Zero Trust capabilities in 2020 to mitigate growing cyber-risk, nearly half (47%) of cybersecurity professionals lack confidence applying a Zero Trust model to their Secure Access architecture, according to the 2020 Zero Trust Progress Report released by Cybersecurity Insiders and Pulse Secure, a leading provider of software-defined Secure […]

Go Phish: Joe Brown, CSO at Boomi

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? Looking back on my 20 years in cybersecurity, I’ve met a lot of great people and had some truly memorable moments but if I had to choose one particular achievement, I would say it was building out the web application penetration testing […]

Go Phish: Edward Frye, CISO, Aryaka Networks

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? My most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry is building a world-class information security management system (ISMS) from scratch and achieving ISO 27001 certification in an unprecedented two months. I was able to achieve this because the organisation had considerable momentum attained […]

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