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Etisalat launches Business in a Box for SMBs in the UAE

Etisalat launches Business in a Box for SMBs in the UAE

Addressing multiple data and connectivity needs of small and medium businesses (SMB) in the UAE, Etisalat has announced the launch of ‘Business in a Box’ – an integrated offering that conveniently clubs three services in a single package.

Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB) form the foundation of modern economics, boost investment and employment, sustain economic growth and drive innovation. In the UAE, SMBs account for 86% of the workforce and contribute around 60% to the GDP generated in the UAE economy, according to the UAE Ministry of Finance.

Etisalat has designed its Business in a Box offering to drive this segment further and to enable businesses in the UAE to experience benefits of high-speed fixed broadband connectivity, business-class IP telephony, and ProCare 24×7 live integrated support system across multiple platforms and operating systems through online chat, phone or through a self-care portal. The Business in a Box is the first of many suite of propositions that will enable SMBs to evolve into the digital age and migrate all their IT, applications and other telecommunication services to a secured, managed and monitored cloud.

Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer at Etisalat, said, “We believe that the UAE’s SMB sector has a huge potential growth. Our efforts at Etisalat are dedicated to help empower these businesses to tap the opportunities available to them. We understand their diverse and disparate needs, which range from basic connectivity to multiple types of devices and applications. In fact, most SMBs can gain significant increase in productivity and competitiveness by being equipped with advanced technologies. Our new Business in a Box offering for SMBs meets their communication, IT and security needs through a single bundled package that is simple, flexible, convenient and most importantly, affordable.”

SMBs increasingly need to manage their operations effectively and efficiently and maximise their cash flows. Importantly, they need to find smarts ways to move from a capital expenditure model to an operational expenditure one when financing their infrastructure, equipment, and any other relevant asset for their businesses.

Etisalat’s Business in a Box offer helps SMBs counter the many challenges of advancing and maximising returns on investments in the UAE’s rapidly evolving economic landscape. Important benefits of Etisalat’s Business in a Box bundle include getting the basic telecommunication and equipment from a single provider at a competitive price and with a single, converged bill.

“The new bundle is part of our earnest effort to make our technology work for our business customers, allow them to scale and expand as their ICT needs and organisations evolve”, Anglada added.