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Ping Identity unveils advanced passwordless features to transform digital experiences

Ping Identity unveils advanced passwordless features to transform digital experiences

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Ping Identity, an intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, has announced PingZero, a suite of passwordless authentication features which organizations can implement to deliver seamless digital experiences to employees and customers. By eliminating login friction, including the need for usernames and passwords, PingZero boosts employee productivity, improves customer retention and acquisition rates and strengthens cybersecurity defenses – all with zero passwords and zero friction. PingZero uniquely leverages the Ping Intelligent Identity platform and other technologies, including the FIDO2 standard to enable passwordless experiences across a variety of resources and applications.

Verizon’s investigative report found that passwords are one of the most common causes of security breaches and, also, a major barrier in digital experiences. In fact, by 2022, 60% of large global enterprises and 90% of mid-size enterprises will implement passwordless methods in more than 50% of use cases, predicts Gartner. That’s because passwordless features accelerate and increase adoption of remote work and digital-first initiatives while improving the security and cyber hygiene of customers and employees, who are burdened with keeping track of more usernames and passwords than ever before.

PingZero’s advanced passwordless authentication utilizes device and browser settings, biometrics and the FIDO2 standard to provide enterprises with greater assurance that a user is who they say they are.

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