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R&M provides classrooms in Japan with access to high-speed networks

R&M provides classrooms in Japan with access to high-speed networks

R&M is equipping 35,000 schools in Japan with Cat. 6A connection technology to access high-speed networks.   

R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, is supporting Japan in the transformation of its education system.

As part of the GIGA (Global Innovation Gateway for All) School project, Japan is currently equipping around 35,000 schools with cutting-edge ICT with R&M supplying network connectivity.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has opted for the Cat. 6A WARP solution from R&M. It comprises Cat. 6A EL connection modules for structured cabling systems as well as patch cords with WARP shielding and FM45 connectors. Furthermore, R&M delivers patch panels and localized mini surface mount boxes. 

For the first time, a major Japanese institution is specifying the Cat. 6A standard for local data networks and this is how MEXT wants to set new standards in classroom cabling too.

With the aim of providing every student with access to high-speed networks, R&M’s Cat. 6A products are meeting the MEXT requirements for transmission performance and applications in schools.

Other features of R&M products enjoy high recognition among renowned and long-standing Japanese partners and they convinced the ministry of their merits. The Cat. 6A EL modules for network connections can be installed in a few easy steps.

All it takes is one click to wire all conductors in robust IDCs. The insulation displacement technology from R&M guarantees permanent loss-free signal transmission due to its precise design.

The field-mountable FM45 plugs for patch cords and installation cables also follow the quick mounting principle. Installers can freely decide on site how they want to lay the cables. And then, in a few easy steps, they connect the FM45 connectors. 

The solution offered and selected was the unique WARP technology (Wave Reduction Pattern). The WARP Alien Crosstalk protection made of metal foil effectively protects the cabling from interference with each other. WARP cables do not have to be grounded. This saves additional and complex operational steps. 

In the evaluation, the system integrator attached great importance to R&M’s reputation in Japan. The company is one of the top providers of connectivity solutions in the country. 

Kazunori Kurose, Managing Director R&M Japan, said: “For years now, our local partners and our product management have been committed to establishing Cat. 6A cabling in the Japanese market.

“The GIGA School project enables us to demonstrate the outstanding transmission performance of Cat. 6A throughout the country. R&M’s innovative and reliable connectivity solution will prove its quality in a particularly demanding application area.”  

GIGA enables in-depth and individual learning

With this national project, MEXT combines proven educational practices with modern IT to enrich learning and provide digital support. Every Japanese pupil and student is given a tablet or PC and access to fast data networks. 

Teachers address each student directly via the devices. They can support students according to their personal abilities and needs – whether in the classroom or remotely at home. Students can use the devices to develop individual learning content. Finally, the devices facilitate co-operation in project groups or with remote universities. In 2020, MEXT has invested 229.2 billion yen (JPY), the equivalent of 1.96 billion Swiss francs (CHF) in this program.

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