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Eaton’s PTV Supercapacitors provide high-reliability, ultra-high capacitance energy storage

Eaton PTV series supercapacitors combine two of Eaton’s 3 V TV supercapacitors, delivering high power density and a simpler design for industrial backup power, pulse power in RF radios and automotive applications, and board level brownout protection. The series connected cells reduce component count and include passive cell balancing for a simpler design. The 6.0 V operating voltage provides greater energy storage and peak power, and the supercapacitors have ultra-low ESR for high power density. PTV series capacitors are available up to 5.0 F with peak power ratings up to 160 W, allowing designers to reduce the size and cost of a design without compromising performance. PTV series supercapacitors are also optimized for use in industrial environments, with a design lifetime up to 20 years and an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.

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