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SaoBacDau Telecom accelerates national cloud services with Red Hat

SaoBacDau Telecom accelerates national cloud services with Red Hat

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SaoBacDau Telecom has established a reliable, secure cloud infrastructure through its partnership with Red Hat, and the use of Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage.

Founded in 2016, SaoBacDau Telecom (SBD Tel) aims to provide world-class cloud infrastructure and services to enterprise customers that are unique and user-friendly. Through its partnership with Red Hat, and the use of Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage, SBD Tel established a reliable, secure cloud infrastructure. It has the stability to support critical services, that scale to support growth and the expertise to deliver a fully managed service to customers.
Providing reliable cloud solutions to drive Vietnam’s Digital Transformation
Vietnam’s digital economy is expected to reach a value of US$43 billion by 2025 – second only to Indonesia in Asia for fastest growth. Several factors influence the country’s Digital Transformation, from a young, digital-native population to one of the highest number of start-ups in Southeast Asia. Local services equivalent to global leaders like Uber, WhatsApp and Yelp are being created and gaining popularity.
SBD Tel provides cloud-based services in Vietnam. The company aims to provide reliable, high-performance cloud infrastructure and services that its customers can use to develop citizen-facing services across industries, from banking to logistics to government.
“Digitizing can help the Vietnamese economy take its next great step. Our cloud services’ end-users are millions of citizens. Reliability is absolutely essential,” said Đoàn Dũng Chi, Chief Technology Officer of SaoBacDau Telecom.
Cloud infrastructure serves national demand
To support Digital Transformation, SBD Tel decided to build its cloud Infrastructure-As-a-Service (IaaS) platform on Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage.
“We are the first customer in Vietnam to adopt Red Hat OpenStack Platform,” said Chi. “The community version is widely used, so we needed the assurance of Red Hat support.”
Red Hat OpenStack Platform lets SBD Tel virtualize resources from industry-standard hardware. It then organizes those resources into the cloud and manages them so SBD Tel customers can access what they need, when they need it.
Red Hat Ceph Storage delivers software-defined storage on a choice of industry-standard hardware. It provides an open, massively scalable storage solution for modern data pipelines and lets SBD Tel customers look at data analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) workloads.
SBD Tel worked with Red Hat Professional Services for design and implementation.
“We also used our Red Hat Learning Subscription to improve skills. Colleagues have completed many of the online courses and plan to take the exams to get required certification,” said Chi.
A foundation for nationwide innovation
Ensured stability to support critical cloud services
“The key quality is reliability,” said Chi. “We cannot afford the service to go down. Too many people depend on it. Red Hat is a trusted vendor. Our customers can have faith in us.”
“If there is an issue”, he continued, “Red Hat support means it can be addressed quickly.”
This confidence means SBD Tel has accelerated the adoption of cloud services among government and state-owned enterprises mostly with multiple storage, backup and Disaster Recovery options.
Currently, it is working with the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Justice to launch new citizen-facing, cloud services that meet the organization’s thorough security and compliance regulations.
“If your services aren’t trusted, there is no service,” said Chi.
Improved efficiency to achieve performance excellence
SBD Tel has continuously delivered comprehensive solutions for balanced distribution of people, processes and technology to lower the total cost of ownership and improve efficiency. Without stifling innovation while maintaining a secure environment where assets, data and the network are protected, SBD Telecom is a reliable partner to its customers.
“We assure our customers the best performance and latest cloud technology,” said Chi.
Delivered scale and simplicity to support growth
The solution is also operationally efficient. The SBD Tel team has quickly become experts in the functionality of OpenStack and there is capacity available if the service needs to scale. Additionally, management is in one place.
“Because of the API functionality, we can see how everything is performing through one portal. We have complete visibility. I can see everything we’ve built,” said Chi.
With Red Hat, SBD Tel is creating a virtuous cycle of innovation by blending technology with enterprise resources to deliver the most transformative solutions to its customers. Thus, businesses are able to accelerate their growth with high performance, free-to-try cloud and support from experienced SBD Tel teams.
Especially for in-app and product development processes, SBD Tel’s cloud enables dev teams to harness the power and efficiency of hyperconverged infrastructure to iterate faster than ever-moving applications from development, to quality assurance, to stage and finally to production with unprecedented speed and agility.
Built expertise with Red Hat support
The partnership with Red Hat means SBD Tel is now better able to offer a completely managed service to customers, and this strengthens the company’s position as Vietnam’s leading cloud service provider. Other providers may have built their cloud on community OpenStack, but as a Red Hat partner, only SBD Tel comes with vendor support.
“It is more than IaaS. We didn’t start as OpenStack experts, but through the design and implementation phases our in-house team has absorbed Red Hat’s expertise. It means we’re able to solve any customer issue directly,” said Chi.
Accelerating cloud momentum
To help bring further value to the Vietnamese enterprises, SBD Tel became a Red Hat Certified Cloud Service Provider (CCSP), Red Hat’s sole partner in Vietnam. CCSPs use Red Hat cloud, container, management, storage, middleware and operating system software to build environments for customers. The program allows SBD Tel to offer As-a-Service solutions using the Red Hat products already in use in its data centers.
“Being a CCSP inevitably brings SBD Tel closer to Red Hat,” said Chi. He sees opportunities to talk to customers about Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage. The Red Hat engagement provides competitive advantages in terms of cobranding and support.
The immediate future for SBD Tel, he added, will involve Red Hat OpenShift.
“We plan to do more than IaaS. We want customers to have a platform on which they build and deploy applications. There is a real growth opportunity for cloud services in Vietnam. We have a close friend in Red Hat.”

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