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SSSProcess automates procedures at Arab universities

SSSProcess automates procedures at Arab universities

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A Jordanian company is poised to be the leader in the automation of procedures at the Arab world’s educational institutions.

After month of research and development, SSSProcess, based in Amman, launched its UniPro system after the IT company’s staff concluded testing and preparation. The University of Dammam will be the first Arab university to obtain and operate the new system. UniPro automates internal procedures at universities and colleges for both students and faculty staff, by doing away with paperwork and replacing it with online processes.

“UniPro is leading software for the educational sector,” said Dr. Alaa Ensheiwat, Chief Executive Officer of SSSProcess. “It can be used to automate over 70 internal procedures at universities, colleges, institutes, and many other specialised educational institutions, eliminating paperwork altogether.”

Ensheiwat added that SSSProcess developed many pieces of software to automate business in different sectors.
“We used our expertise in this field to make UniPro comprehensive software that is capable of performing various procedures electronically with speed and efficiency, saving time and effort.”

He pointed out that the system was developed using Oracle Business Process Management, with an interactive interface that users can use to file electronic requests with ease and flexibility. The system can be run either as a bundle or through individual apps, depending on the nature of business at the institution to be automated.

Instead of hectic paperwork, UniPro enables students to file requests for scholarships and transfers to other departments. They can also request grade sheets, and obtain or stamp certificates. Faculty staff can use it to file requests to publish their research papers and for scholarships and promotions, among many other services they and the student body can use.
SSSProcess specializes in providing IT solutions with the highest standards of security and secrecy. The company amassed vast experience in managing IT projects at many government and banking institutions, especially within the GCC region.

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