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Report from Dell Technologies predicts a new era for ‘Human-Machine Partnerships’

Report from Dell Technologies predicts a new era for ‘Human-Machine Partnerships’

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A report from Dell Technologies seeks to forecast the impact of technology over the next couple of decades.

‘Realizing 2030’ takes a comprehensive look at what the future will hold by analysing what is needed to succeed on the path to digital transformation and how emerging technologies will unfold.

Created with The Institute of the Future, the report also has some interesting predictions about how the relationships between humans and technology will develop.

Because of the emergence of machine learning a number of industry experts have predicted a new era for ‘Human-Machine Partnerships’- with humans offloading more work to machines.

“This study looks 10 to 15 years ahead at the way technology is going to evolve and what it really means for our customers and our company,” said Shams Hasan, Infrastructure Solutions Manager for Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, Dell EMC.

“Of course, the whole point of this was to really better understand what’s happening 10 years down the road so that we can prepare for it today.

“The study highlights so many different trends beyond just what is happening with AI, AR, VR, and so forth. It paves a road-map of what is going to happen with humans.

“In fact, the phrase we call it is ‘human-machine partnerships’. That is what we believe is going to happen to us in terms of our very nature of what a person means.

“The study highlights how the notion of what a person is, is going to change.”

The report looks at what will happen to humans with the development of ever more sophisticated technology at their disposal.

“What will happen is that human beings are going to become what we call digital conductors,” said Hasan.

“We believe that AI and robotics is actually going to be a supplement to us rather than taking over crucial roles.

“We think that work 10 to 15 years down the road it’s not going to be us chasing work but work chasing us.

“In today’s really fast paced developing environment everything has to be faster, more agile, more immediately delivered, so work will start to chase us.”

Hasan added that the report connected with the company’s customers recently at GITEX because it was particularly relevant to the region.

“This study really is connecting with them and this notion of human-machine partnerships, humans as digital conductors and work chasing us rather than the other way around really is connecting with people,” said Hasan.

“Now the question is how do we prepare for 10 to 15 years from now today? We must be able to do that, and this report really helps us. We believe that Dell Technologies as a vendor with the power of one and the seven brands together, will enable our customers to be able to accelerate and be prepared for 10 to 15 years from now.”

The report can be downloaded here.

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