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A10 adds real-time security analytics to management platform

A10 adds real-time security analytics to management platform

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A10 Networks has announced a major upgrade to its ground-breaking multi-cloud analytics and management platform, the A10 Harmony Controller

A10 Networks, a provider of intelligent and automated cybersecurity solutions, has announced a major upgrade to its ground-breaking multi-cloud analytics and management platform, the A10 Harmony Controller.

The upgrade expands A10’s advanced security and connected intelligence capabilities via new modular Harmony Apps that support key A10 security solutions, Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight), Thunder CFW (Convergent Firewall), and the Thunder CGN (Carrier-Grade Networking).

With many organisations undergoing digital transformation, it is becoming even more critical to have highly available and secure application infrastructure to support business operations. A10’s release of the A10 Harmony Controller 4.1 provides new levels of analytics and control to help businesses keep up with the rapid growth in applications and escalation of cyberthreats. It provides unique visibility and insights into application traffic, thereby increasing security efficacy, shortening troubleshooting times and enabling simplified capacity planning for reduced TCO.

With A10 Harmony Controller 4.1, the solution becomes highly extensible by introducing a framework to run pluggable apps which can be installed, on-demand, on top of the A10 Harmony platform. The pluggable apps can provide use case specific insights, alerts and centralised configurations of the services, data and systems. The initial set of A10 infrastructure apps available include:

  • SSLi App for encrypted traffic, user behaviour, and key information insights with the Thunder SSLi solution. The SSLi App also introduces enhanced centralised management and simplified workflows for Thunder SSLi deployment and operations
  • GiFW App for application, policy and performance insights with Thunder CFW’s GiFW (Gi Firewall) solution
  • CGN App for subscriber and network services visibility with Thunder CGN’s CGNAT (Carrier-Grade NAT) solution

The modular and extensible nature of Harmony Apps will enable an ecosystem of apps for third party solutions that can be used to provide intelligent automation, make deployments extremely easy and validate configurations to ensure correct operation and security. In addition, apps can provide context-specific custom dashboards leading to operational efficiency and security efficacy. Microsoft Exchange load balancing on top of A10 Secure Application Service infrastructure is one such context-specific example.

“Today, with applications being deployed on a multitude of cloud and on-premises infrastructures, app and security teams are pressured to ensure that security and availability is not compromised,” said Kamal Anand, Vice President of Cloud, A10 Networks. “The A10 Harmony Controller 4.1 enables a single pane of glass for secure app services, helping to ease the stress and burden that are weighing on IT teams.”

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