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Centrify to highlight importance of Zero Trust Security at GITEX

Centrify to highlight importance of Zero Trust Security at GITEX

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Centrify, a leading provider of Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access, will demonstrate its world-class identity and access management solutions and advocate the new security mandate – ‘never trust, always verify’ based on a Zero Trust approach, at GITEX Technology Week 2018.

The revolutionary concept of Zero Trust Security assumes that the threat actor may already exist within an organisation, posing as an employee.

Alternatively, it may assume the credentials of an employee of the organisation. The concept of Zero Trust seeks to limit the opportunity of such an internal threat actor to use the assumed employee credentials and breach other parts of the organisation.

“Previous cybersecurity practices assumed the integrity of a user’s credentials at face value and chose to verify them subsequently,” said Kamel Heus, Regional Sales Manager MEA, Centrify.

“In the new paradigm, a user is never trusted until both their credentials and device are rigorously verified. Identity access management solutions further grant the user access to the organisation’s resources, but only as much to complete their task, mandated by their job role.

“The Zero Trust security best practice is applied to all types of users including end-user of IT, privileged user, supplier, customer or partner. It also applies to all types of resources and assets whether through an application or compute infrastructure resource.

“Many security leaders are turning to a Zero Trust approach that removes trust from the equation completely, shunning the traditional ‘trust but verify’ approach and replacing it with a ‘never trust, always verify’ mandate.

“Organisations should secure access to enterprise resources by verifying the user, validating their devices, limiting access and privilege, and learning and adapting to risky user behaviour. We look forward to using GITEX Technology Week as a platform to advocate Centrify’s Zero Trust Security approach to customers and partners visiting our stand.”

Compromised accounts are today’s leading cause of data breach in the Middle East. In this age of access, trying to build policy that keeps data secure without inhibiting user productivity requires a massive security rethink.

Risk-based access improves security and the user experience by using Machine Learning to define and enforce access policies, based on user behaviour. Through a combination of analytics, Machine Learning, user profiles, and policy enforcement, access decisions can be made in real time to streamline low-risk access, step up authentication requirements when risk is higher, or block access entirely.

Not only does risk-based access provide real-time security, but it also flags high-risk events, and elevates them to IT’s attention – speeding analysis and greatly minimising the effort required to assess risk across today’s hybrid IT environment.

“GITEX gives us the perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face with security practitioners looking to manage their organisation’s security based on identity,” added Heus.

“Our aim is to promote our award-winning identity services platform, meet with our clients and channel partners, discuss the evolving threat landscape and new security models, and raise awareness about the importance of securing identities and adopting a Zero Trust Security approach to reduce the risks of data breaches.”

Centrify will be participating with its distributor – StarLink at Stand SR-J2, Sheikh Rashid Hall at GITEX Technology Week 2018.  The company plans to increase the awareness of its brand and products through presentations and product demonstrations at the event. Senior executives and security experts from the company will be available at the stand to speak with customers and partners and share their global success stories with them.

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