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Pivotal: Helping enterprises develop software to deliver business value

Pivotal: Helping enterprises develop software to deliver business value

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Pivotal helps companies create their own software and take their businesses into their own hands. Intelligent CIO spoke to Rached Dabboussi Regional Director, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Pivotal, to discover more about the process.

What is the mission of Pivotal?

Pivotal helps the Fortune 500 transform into software companies, by providing a cloud-native platform that unleashes developer productivity as well as unlocks operational efficiency needed to build and run great software.

Pivotal’s cloud-native platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), accelerates and streamlines software development by reducing the complexity of building, deploying and operating new cloud-native applications and modernising legacy applications.

PCF customers can further accelerate their transition to a software company through our strategic services, Pivotal Labs. This enables our customers’ development and allows IT operations teams to spend more time writing code, waste less time on mundane tasks and focus on activities that drive business value – building and deploying great software.

Why not just create the software for them?

Every business today needs to be good at software and be able to produce new features to be competitive in the market. The objective of every bank, for example, is to push as many of their services as possible on to applications. If companies are outsourcing this to a third-party company, they aren’t taking their business in their own hands.

Ultimately, enterprises are using our platform and methodology to become a modern software company capable of continuously delivering business value while incorporating user feedback and embracing this as the natural way to build products.

What advice would you give to a CIO that wanted to produce their own software?

Through our continued work with companies in the region, we have learned that technology is certainly not the barrier to innovation. Rather, the barrier is the software development culture and the way companies are implementing technology.

My advice to CIOs is look at agile, lean software development cultures that are being propagated in the world’s most admired companies and embrace them internally. This cultural change must come from the top of the organisation. If you don’t change the culture inside the company it’s very difficult to embrace the technology.

What verticals and countries are you most active in?

The public sector is probably the biggest market for us. The second is finance and the third is Telcos. In terms of countries, in the UAE as well as Saudi, Turkey and South Africa, we are seeing a big interest in our technology.

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